Part of Ticket: Gamers Without Borders 12028

Gamers Without Borders (Online)

Total Matches: 3

Match Date Duration Radiant Dire Winner
Team Picks Bans Team Picks Bans
5421488206 17 May 2020 09:08 29:46 Natus Vincere Earthshaker Puck Oracle Terrorblade Underlord Chen Dragon Knight Bane Monkey King Tusk Tinker Team Secret Luna Queen of Pain Ogre Magi Night Stalker Timbersaw Lycan Phoenix Ember Spirit Rubick Riki Mars Team Secret
5421392634 17 May 2020 08:07 32:05 Natus Vincere Bane Puck Lich Templar Assassin Bloodseeker Chen Dragon Knight Monkey King Earthshaker Lone Druid Razor Team Secret Queen of Pain Tusk Vengeful Spirit Magnus Visage Phoenix Lycan Ember Spirit Rubick Pangolier Morphling Team Secret
5421273938 17 May 2020 07:03 31:29 Natus Vincere Rubick Lich Mars Necrophos Slark Chen Pangolier Monkey King Earthshaker Queen of Pain Batrider Team Secret Dragon Knight Sniper Enchantress Lone Druid Zeus Phoenix Lycan Death Prophet Ember Spirit Templar Assassin Troll Warlord Team Secret