Part of Ticket: The Summit 3 2661

The Summit 3 (Online)

Total Matches: 163

Match Date Radiant Dire Winner
Team Picks Bans Team Picks Bans
1390901654 11 Apr 2015 04:05 EHOME Queen of Pain Treant Protector Shadow Shaman Phoenix Faceless Void Storm Spirit Batrider Lycan Brewmaster Morphling LGD-GAMING Shadow Fiend Rubick Earthshaker Lina Medusa Sniper Vengeful Spirit Lion Juggernaut Troll Warlord LGD-GAMING
1390670122 11 Apr 2015 02:45 LGD-GAMING Io Tiny Lina Shadow Fiend Sand King Sniper Batrider Morphling Ancient Apparition Tidehunter EHOME Queen of Pain Witch Doctor Earthshaker Juggernaut Undying Storm Spirit Lion Brewmaster Viper Axe EHOME
1390588500 11 Apr 2015 02:13 EHOME LGD-GAMING LGD-GAMING
1390450775 11 Apr 2015 01:20 LGD-GAMING Shadow Fiend Lina Lycan Rubick Earthshaker Sniper Batrider Axe Ancient Apparition Tiny EHOME Vengeful Spirit Queen of Pain Io Dark Seer Sven Storm Spirit Lion Morphling Brewmaster Tidehunter LGD-GAMING
1390287788 11 Apr 2015 12:12 EHOME Queen of Pain Morphling Rubick Tidehunter Sand King Batrider Storm Spirit Viper Io Phoenix LGD-GAMING Sniper Lina Vengeful Spirit Juggernaut Night Stalker Lion Ancient Apparition Earthshaker Clockwerk Zeus EHOME
1388177674 10 Apr 2015 03:58 EHOME Tidehunter Ancient Apparition Queen of Pain Rubick Gyrocopter Troll Warlord Sniper Viper Tiny Axe Hyper Glory Team Io Storm Spirit Lina Chaos Knight Zeus Batrider Shadow Fiend Lion Shadow Shaman Morphling EHOME
1388035924 10 Apr 2015 03:07 Hyper Glory Team Troll Warlord Treant Protector Queen of Pain Lina Axe Batrider Shadow Fiend Morphling Shadow Shaman Lycan EHOME Sniper Vengeful Spirit Lion Dark Seer Juggernaut Io Storm Spirit Clockwerk Viper Tidehunter EHOME
1385942777 09 Apr 2015 04:28 LGD-GAMING Io Lina Brewmaster Tiny Viper Sniper Batrider Juggernaut Ancient Apparition Earthshaker EHOME Shadow Fiend Tidehunter Lion Bristleback Skywrath Mage Storm Spirit Vengeful Spirit Troll Warlord Axe Nyx Assassin LGD-GAMING
1385808125 09 Apr 2015 03:36 LGD-GAMING Batrider Lina Morphling Rubick Brewmaster Sniper Ancient Apparition Juggernaut Tidehunter Slark EHOME Vengeful Spirit Shadow Fiend Phoenix Shadow Shaman Luna Troll Warlord Storm Spirit Viper Templar Assassin Razor LGD-GAMING
1385604602 09 Apr 2015 02:16 Invictus Gaming Queen of Pain Treant Protector Lion Ancient Apparition Medusa Io Troll Warlord Earthshaker Axe Clockwerk Hyper Glory Team Sniper Rubick Viper Chen Centaur Warrunner Batrider Storm Spirit Broodmother Lina Naga Siren Hyper Glory Team
1385463633 09 Apr 2015 01:11 Hyper Glory Team Sniper Treant Protector Earthshaker Disruptor Slark Batrider Storm Spirit Lich Clockwerk Lion Invictus Gaming Io Chaos Knight Queen of Pain Broodmother Dazzle Vengeful Spirit Troll Warlord Bristleback Axe Ember Spirit Invictus Gaming
1385353448 09 Apr 2015 12:12 Invictus Gaming Queen of Pain Bristleback Lina Shadow Demon Juggernaut Troll Warlord Io Ancient Apparition Axe Tidehunter Hyper Glory Team Sniper Treant Protector Vengeful Spirit Necrophos Earthshaker Batrider Storm Spirit Brewmaster Lion Slark Hyper Glory Team
1383930317 08 Apr 2015 05:57 Hyper Glory Team Queen of Pain Witch Doctor Axe Lina Medusa Batrider Troll Warlord Lion Spirit Breaker Doom Unknown Dire Team Io Tiny Storm Spirit Skywrath Mage Dark Seer Treant Protector Sniper Earthshaker Clockwerk Lifestealer Hyper Glory Team
1383825908 08 Apr 2015 05:11 Unknown Radiant Team Hyper Glory Team Hyper Glory Team
1383610073 08 Apr 2015 03:46 Unknown Radiant Team Hyper Glory Team Unknown Radiant Team
1383191461 08 Apr 2015 12:50 Newbee Sniper Treant Protector Shadow Shaman Juggernaut Clockwerk Troll Warlord Storm Spirit Broodmother Spirit Breaker Lion Invictus Gaming Queen of Pain Bristleback Io Chaos Knight Lich Batrider Vengeful Spirit Phoenix Ancient Apparition Tidehunter Invictus Gaming
1383098649 08 Apr 2015 12:00 Newbee Queen of Pain Axe Lion Disruptor Medusa Batrider Troll Warlord Bristleback Morphling Tidehunter Invictus Gaming Storm Spirit Ancient Apparition Lycan Rubick Nyx Assassin Vengeful Spirit Sniper Juggernaut Drow Ranger Slark Invictus Gaming
1381555370 07 Apr 2015 04:55 EHOME Shadow Fiend Vengeful Spirit Shadow Shaman Dark Seer Juggernaut Storm Spirit Batrider Ancient Apparition Broodmother Medusa Invictus Gaming Lion Queen of Pain Clockwerk Witch Doctor Anti-Mage Sniper Troll Warlord Axe Bristleback Lycan EHOME
1381375076 07 Apr 2015 03:46 Invictus Gaming Bristleback Brewmaster Disruptor Shadow Fiend Earthshaker Sniper Troll Warlord Io Tidehunter Lifestealer EHOME Vengeful Spirit Queen of Pain Axe Ancient Apparition Morphling Storm Spirit Lion Viper Lich Witch Doctor EHOME
1381138790 07 Apr 2015 02:14 LGD-GAMING Razor Lina Treant Protector Sand King Templar Assassin Io Sniper Lion Spirit Breaker Chen Hyper Glory Team Troll Warlord Queen of Pain Clockwerk Skywrath Mage Rubick Storm Spirit Batrider Faceless Void Axe Naga Siren LGD-GAMING
1380988824 07 Apr 2015 01:05 Hyper Glory Team Shadow Fiend Lion Earthshaker Queen of Pain Spirit Breaker Batrider Troll Warlord Lycan Clockwerk Spectre LGD-GAMING Storm Spirit Ancient Apparition Rubick Phoenix Medusa Io Sniper Treant Protector Chen Nyx Assassin LGD-GAMING
1380876688 07 Apr 2015 12:06 LGD-GAMING Zeus Shadow Fiend Earthshaker Brewmaster Doom Sniper Troll Warlord Bristleback Clockwerk Queen of Pain Hyper Glory Team Io Viper Sand King Lina Medusa Batrider Storm Spirit Witch Doctor Axe Morphling Hyper Glory Team
1379280835 06 Apr 2015 04:31 Unknown Radiant Team Vengeful Spirit Queen of Pain Lion Spirit Breaker Slardar Treant Protector Troll Warlord Silencer Viper Skywrath Mage Unknown Dire Team Batrider Juggernaut Earthshaker Shadow Fiend Zeus Io Axe Lina Ancient Apparition Morphling Unknown Radiant Team
1379135182 06 Apr 2015 03:35 Unknown Radiant Team Shadow Fiend Earthshaker Axe Lina Slark Treant Protector Troll Warlord Ancient Apparition Juggernaut Anti-Mage Unknown Dire Team Queen of Pain Rubick Silencer Tidehunter Bristleback Io Batrider Witch Doctor Drow Ranger Lifestealer Unknown Radiant Team
1378748302 06 Apr 2015 12:57 CDEC Storm Spirit Lion Treant Protector Juggernaut Phoenix Batrider Troll Warlord Axe Rubick Witch Doctor Newbee Queen of Pain Bristleback Vengeful Spirit Lycan Disruptor Sniper Shadow Fiend Slark Lifestealer Tidehunter Newbee
1378653789 06 Apr 2015 12:09 Newbee Queen of Pain Axe Bristleback Vengeful Spirit Visage Batrider Troll Warlord Slark Clockwerk Faceless Void CDEC Shadow Fiend Lion Witch Doctor Brewmaster Dark Seer Storm Spirit Sniper Ancient Apparition Juggernaut Skywrath Mage Newbee
1376708411 05 Apr 2015 04:09 Unknown Radiant Team Shadow Fiend Vengeful Spirit Juggernaut Clockwerk Phoenix Io Queen of Pain Broodmother Earthshaker Tidehunter Invictus Gaming Storm Spirit Ancient Apparition Lion Lycan Morphling Sniper Troll Warlord Batrider Axe Skywrath Mage Invictus Gaming
1376586260 05 Apr 2015 03:26 Invictus Gaming Lion Shadow Fiend Juggernaut Witch Doctor Dark Seer Batrider Troll Warlord Lycan Sniper Visage Unknown Dire Team Storm Spirit Vengeful Spirit Axe Drow Ranger Phoenix Io Queen of Pain Broodmother Clockwerk Spirit Breaker Invictus Gaming
1376322049 05 Apr 2015 01:53 Hyper Glory Team Sniper Treant Protector Axe Witch Doctor Lifestealer Batrider Troll Warlord Clockwerk Faceless Void Drow Ranger Newbee Shadow Fiend Earthshaker Lina Phoenix Spectre Io Storm Spirit Lion Queen of Pain Viper Hyper Glory Team
1376177782 05 Apr 2015 12:57 Newbee Queen of Pain Rubick Ancient Apparition Faceless Void Morphling Io Lion Juggernaut Silencer Axe Hyper Glory Team Shadow Fiend Earthshaker Storm Spirit Lina Spirit Breaker Batrider Troll Warlord Sniper Clockwerk Drow Ranger Hyper Glory Team
1376034500 05 Apr 2015 11:59 Hyper Glory Team Sniper Clockwerk Witch Doctor Storm Spirit Treant Protector Batrider Queen of Pain Skywrath Mage Slark Drow Ranger Newbee Vengeful Spirit Shadow Fiend Ancient Apparition Faceless Void Juggernaut Io Troll Warlord Earthshaker Lion Silencer Newbee
1375009369 05 Apr 2015 02:37 Unknown Radiant Team Lina Zeus Storm Spirit Vengeful Spirit Naga Siren Juggernaut Sniper Dazzle Chen Anti-Mage compLexity Gaming Axe Earthshaker Viper Silencer Medusa Shadow Fiend Troll Warlord Batrider Slark Night Stalker Unknown Radiant Team
1374927532 05 Apr 2015 01:09 Unknown Radiant Team Lion Zeus Batrider Templar Assassin Medusa Juggernaut Sniper Dazzle Chen Spectre compLexity Gaming Axe Lina Skywrath Mage Jakiro Phantom Lancer Shadow Fiend Troll Warlord Slark Earthshaker Anti-Mage compLexity Gaming
1374855405 05 Apr 2015 12:03 Unknown Radiant Team Zeus Vengeful Spirit Lina Slark Night Stalker Juggernaut Sniper Dazzle Chen Lycan compLexity Gaming Axe Storm Spirit Skywrath Mage Disruptor Lone Druid Troll Warlord Shadow Fiend Batrider Earthshaker Morphling Unknown Radiant Team
1373840870 04 Apr 2015 04:12 EHOME Vengeful Spirit Shadow Fiend Tidehunter Spirit Breaker Centaur Warrunner Troll Warlord Lion Shadow Shaman Dazzle Lina Unknown Dire Team Queen of Pain Broodmother Rubick Brewmaster Omniknight Batrider Sniper Axe Bristleback Anti-Mage EHOME
1373715088 04 Apr 2015 03:29 Unknown Radiant Team Storm Spirit Earthshaker Juggernaut Skywrath Mage Brewmaster Batrider Troll Warlord Witch Doctor Rubick Lycan EHOME Sniper Treant Protector Axe Shadow Shaman Luna Vengeful Spirit Lion Broodmother Silencer Clockwerk EHOME
1373311916 04 Apr 2015 01:01 LGD-GAMING Vengeful Spirit Shadow Fiend Brewmaster Lina Slardar Lion Troll Warlord Viper Queen of Pain Templar Assassin CDEC Batrider Ancient Apparition Rubick Slark Ember Spirit Sniper Storm Spirit Drow Ranger Lycan Spirit Breaker LGD-GAMING
1373187082 04 Apr 2015 12:10 CDEC Lion Storm Spirit Zeus Clockwerk Juggernaut Troll Warlord Batrider Treant Protector Phoenix Lina LGD-GAMING Shadow Fiend Axe Rubick Lycan Leshrac Sniper Queen of Pain Ancient Apparition Chen Medusa LGD-GAMING
1372408652 04 Apr 2015 05:55 Evil Geniuses Zeus Clockwerk Juggernaut Storm Spirit Shadow Demon Troll Warlord Batrider Vengeful Spirit Lion Slark Unknown Dire Team Earthshaker Shadow Fiend Skywrath Mage Broodmother Bristleback Chen Morphling Enigma Sniper Witch Doctor Evil Geniuses
1372312367 04 Apr 2015 04:48 Evil Geniuses Earthshaker Shadow Fiend Skywrath Mage Razor Abaddon Sniper Batrider Spirit Breaker Viper Broodmother Unknown Dire Team Troll Warlord Axe Morphling Lion Magnus Chen Vengeful Spirit Phantom Lancer Zeus Clockwerk Unknown Dire Team
1372215529 04 Apr 2015 03:32 Unknown Radiant Team Batrider Shadow Fiend Witch Doctor Sniper Treant Protector Chen Vengeful Spirit Bristleback Templar Assassin Storm Spirit Evil Geniuses Zeus Night Stalker Lion Luna Bane Troll Warlord Earthshaker Spectre Juggernaut Omniknight Evil Geniuses
1372098063 04 Apr 2015 01:33 compLexity Gaming Lion Batrider Juggernaut Viper Zeus Troll Warlord Sniper Slark Broodmother Drow Ranger Leviathan' Lina Vengeful Spirit Queen of Pain Ancient Apparition Lycan Axe Earthshaker Shadow Fiend Chen Skywrath Mage compLexity Gaming
1372011047 04 Apr 2015 12:07 Leviathan' Lion Shadow Fiend Skywrath Mage Magnus Wraith King Sniper Lina Chen Dazzle Ancient Apparition compLexity Gaming Axe Juggernaut Rubick Storm Spirit Silencer Troll Warlord Earthshaker Batrider Queen of Pain Faceless Void compLexity Gaming
1369744658 03 Apr 2015 05:19 Leviathan' Troll Warlord Queen of Pain Vengeful Spirit Ancient Apparition Zeus Io Clockwerk Axe Dazzle Phantom Lancer Team_eHug Sniper Earthshaker Skywrath Mage Morphling Puck Lina Shadow Fiend Lion Batrider Bristleback Leviathan'
1369670616 03 Apr 2015 04:16 Team_eHug Queen of Pain Shadow Fiend Phoenix Treant Protector Rubick Troll Warlord Lina Storm Spirit Batrider Axe Leviathan' Earthshaker Lion Juggernaut Silencer Viper Io Sniper Chen Vengeful Spirit Lycan Team_eHug
1369623246 03 Apr 2015 03:29 Leviathan' Shadow Fiend Earthshaker Skywrath Mage Batrider Lycan Io Sniper Ancient Apparition Vengeful Spirit Medusa Team_eHug Queen of Pain Clockwerk Zeus Witch Doctor Slark Lina Troll Warlord Lion Juggernaut Phantom Lancer Leviathan'
1369511101 03 Apr 2015 01:15 Wheel Whreck While Whistling Earthshaker Queen of Pain Morphling Lion Gyrocopter Lina Batrider Slark Abaddon Lone Druid compLexity Gaming Sniper Axe Skywrath Mage Chen Lycan Omniknight Troll Warlord Tinker Phantom Lancer Juggernaut compLexity Gaming
1369424765 03 Apr 2015 12:03 compLexity Gaming Axe Lina Dazzle Lone Druid Chen Sniper Omniknight Tinker Shadow Fiend Queen of Pain Wheel Whreck While Whistling Earthshaker Juggernaut Silencer Tidehunter Zeus Enigma Batrider Morphling Troll Warlord Undying compLexity Gaming
1368956099 02 Apr 2015 07:10 Cloud9 Zeus Lion Batrider Ancient Apparition Terrorblade Sniper Troll Warlord Skywrath Mage Night Stalker Viper Axe Enigma Bane Slark Magnus Io Phoenix Beastmaster Puck Phantom Lancer Cloud9
1368851192 02 Apr 2015 06:21 Enigma Juggernaut Lion Morphling Batrider Io Troll Warlord Spectre Naga Siren Lycan Cloud9 Phoenix Beastmaster Bane Undying Phantom Lancer Sniper Night Stalker Skywrath Mage Storm Spirit Puck Cloud9
1368733423 02 Apr 2015 05:31 Cloud9 Magnus Phoenix Juggernaut Enigma Mirana Sniper Troll Warlord Bristleback Batrider Tiny Io Skywrath Mage Lina Spirit Breaker Slark Zeus Night Stalker Axe Lion Bane Cloud9
1367278686 02 Apr 2015 04:33 Evil Geniuses Vengeful Spirit Clockwerk Juggernaut Skywrath Mage Magnus Sniper Earthshaker Rubick Sand King Razor compLexity Gaming Shadow Fiend Lion Axe Dazzle Broodmother Troll Warlord Batrider Chen Enigma Storm Spirit Evil Geniuses
1367213664 02 Apr 2015 03:28 compLexity Gaming Lion Lina Queen of Pain Slark Undying Shadow Fiend Batrider Zeus Clockwerk Storm Spirit Evil Geniuses Troll Warlord Chen Rubick Nyx Assassin Templar Assassin Sniper Earthshaker Drow Ranger Ancient Apparition Morphling Evil Geniuses
1367134788 02 Apr 2015 01:52 Unknown Radiant Team Vengeful Spirit Shadow Fiend Silencer Slardar Broodmother Troll Warlord Lina Dazzle Juggernaut Spectre Leviathan' Earthshaker Storm Spirit Lion Queen of Pain Bristleback Axe Sniper Clockwerk Skywrath Mage Batrider Unknown Radiant Team
1367070434 02 Apr 2015 12:27 Unknown Radiant Team Sniper Clockwerk Dazzle Lion Kunkka Lina Troll Warlord Shadow Fiend Zeus Spectre Leviathan' Vengeful Spirit Queen of Pain Disruptor Batrider Juggernaut Axe Earthshaker Skywrath Mage Storm Spirit Slark Unknown Radiant Team
1366997919 01 Apr 2015 11:29 Night Stalker Axe Witch Doctor Luna Storm Spirit Chen Enigma Vengeful Spirit Batrider Keeper of the Light Team Secret Bristleback Shadow Fiend Lion Queen of Pain Beastmaster Sniper Troll Warlord Lina Zeus Magnus Team Secret
1366924428 01 Apr 2015 10:23 Team Secret Queen of Pain Axe Earthshaker Rubick Razor Sniper Night Stalker Drow Ranger Slark Juggernaut Troll Warlord Lion Zeus Batrider Magnus Chen Enigma Dazzle Phantom Assassin Lycan
1366856226 01 Apr 2015 09:33 Shadow Fiend Lion Drow Ranger Visage Centaur Warrunner Chen Enigma Brewmaster Keeper of the Light Earthshaker Team Secret Troll Warlord Queen of Pain Dazzle Broodmother Lina Sniper Night Stalker Axe Treant Protector Legion Commander Team Secret
1366766217 01 Apr 2015 08:36 Team Secret Lion Queen of Pain Treant Protector Storm Spirit Techies Sniper Night Stalker Lina Bristleback Vengeful Spirit Troll Warlord Axe Drow Ranger Visage Skywrath Mage Chen Enigma Brewmaster Phantom Assassin Broodmother
1366651073 01 Apr 2015 07:31 Shadow Fiend Lina Lion Axe Juggernaut Chen Enigma Brewmaster Mirana Magnus Team Secret Troll Warlord Queen of Pain Rubick Keeper of the Light Clockwerk Sniper Night Stalker Earthshaker Treant Protector Spirit Breaker Team Secret
1366467777 01 Apr 2015 06:01 Cloud9 Troll Warlord Phoenix Magnus Enigma Earthshaker Night Stalker Axe Batrider Legion Commander Clockwerk -Ninjas-in-Pyjamas- Zeus Skywrath Mage Slark Disruptor Doom Io Sniper Phantom Lancer Broodmother Lion Cloud9
1366279652 01 Apr 2015 04:42 Cloud9 Phoenix Skywrath Mage Enigma Beastmaster Spectre Io Troll Warlord Slardar Lich Axe -Ninjas-in-Pyjamas- Sniper Ogre Magi Bristleback Dazzle Brewmaster Night Stalker Zeus Magnus Broodmother Phantom Lancer Cloud9
1364958868 01 Apr 2015 04:28 Boreal eSports Storm Spirit Troll Warlord Earthshaker Spirit Breaker Ancient Apparition Axe Bristleback Juggernaut Legion Commander Slark Team_eHug Sniper Io Skywrath Mage Morphling Puck Shadow Fiend Batrider Lion Zeus Disruptor Team_eHug
1364900071 01 Apr 2015 03:30 Team_eHug Io Skywrath Mage Medusa Juggernaut Legion Commander Troll Warlord Sniper Slark Broodmother Ancient Apparition Boreal eSports Lion Storm Spirit Nyx Assassin Spectre Zeus Shadow Fiend Batrider Tiny Axe Bristleback Team_eHug
1364775901 01 Apr 2015 01:23 Unknown Radiant Team Axe Shadow Fiend Phoenix Lion Lifestealer Troll Warlord Sniper Skywrath Mage Silencer Enigma Wheel Whreck While Whistling Earthshaker Juggernaut Lina Morphling Tinker Batrider Storm Spirit Vengeful Spirit Omniknight Drow Ranger Wheel Whreck While Whistling
1364712133 01 Apr 2015 12:05 Wheel Whreck While Whistling Juggernaut Earthshaker Lion Queen of Pain Bristleback Storm Spirit Axe Spirit Breaker Vengeful Spirit Skywrath Mage Unknown Dire Team Sniper Troll Warlord Dazzle Faceless Void Abaddon Batrider Shadow Fiend Phoenix Windranger Broodmother Wheel Whreck While Whistling
1364571263 31 Mar 2015 09:57 Cloud9 Io Tiny Bane Magnus Broodmother Sniper Treant Protector Skywrath Mage Faceless Void Axe Alliance Troll Warlord Spirit Breaker Silencer Dazzle Legion Commander Zeus Phoenix Batrider Beastmaster Lina Cloud9
1364489031 31 Mar 2015 09:02 Alliance Batrider Lion Chen Queen of Pain Phantom Assassin Io Troll Warlord Naga Siren Ancient Apparition Slark Cloud9 Phoenix Zeus Bounty Hunter Bane Phantom Lancer Sniper Skywrath Mage Slardar Storm Spirit Juggernaut Cloud9
1364193184 31 Mar 2015 06:24 Natus Vincere Disruptor Lina Morphling Drow Ranger Lion Axe Troll Warlord Shadow Fiend Witch Doctor Zeus -Ninjas-in-Pyjamas- Io Bristleback Lich Chaos Knight Puck Sniper Night Stalker Ancient Apparition Brewmaster Vengeful Spirit -Ninjas-in-Pyjamas-
1364069983 31 Mar 2015 05:30 Natus Vincere Troll Warlord Earthshaker Dazzle Spirit Breaker Shadow Fiend Axe Chen Skywrath Mage Phantom Lancer Vengeful Spirit -Ninjas-in-Pyjamas- Zeus Night Stalker Bristleback Queen of Pain Lich Io Sniper Ancient Apparition Lina Templar Assassin -Ninjas-in-Pyjamas-
1362642770 31 Mar 2015 05:01 compLexity Gaming Earthshaker Lina Axe Jakiro Medusa Shadow Fiend Sniper Clockwerk Witch Doctor Queen of Pain Team_eHug Troll Warlord Rubick Treant Protector Phoenix Venomancer Lion Batrider Slark Storm Spirit Spectre compLexity Gaming
1362574521 31 Mar 2015 03:58 Team_eHug Batrider Io Juggernaut Bane Tiny Troll Warlord Sniper Slark Chen Storm Spirit compLexity Gaming Lion Bristleback Spirit Breaker Enigma Viper Shadow Fiend Axe Necrophos Skywrath Mage Medusa compLexity Gaming
1362386540 31 Mar 2015 01:02 Boreal eSports Batrider Earthshaker Shadow Fiend Dazzle Razor Axe Storm Spirit Nyx Assassin Spirit Breaker Spectre Evil Geniuses Vengeful Spirit Zeus Lion Night Stalker Luna Sniper Troll Warlord Skywrath Mage Rubick Phantom Lancer Evil Geniuses
1362337236 31 Mar 2015 12:04 Evil Geniuses Lion Shadow Fiend Morphling Earthshaker Phantom Lancer Vengeful Spirit Sniper Lina Spirit Breaker Templar Assassin Boreal eSports Troll Warlord Witch Doctor Lich Slardar Broodmother Batrider Storm Spirit Juggernaut Axe Slark Evil Geniuses
1362323851 30 Mar 2015 11:50 -Ninjas-in-Pyjamas- Troll Warlord Skywrath Mage Drow Ranger Lion Queen of Pain Sniper Night Stalker Treant Protector Lich Vengeful Spirit Axe Lina Visage Slark Earthshaker Chen Io Ogre Magi Zeus Phoenix
1362229774 30 Mar 2015 10:25 Sniper Bristleback Lion Lich Enigma Chen Axe Batrider Zeus Phoenix -Ninjas-in-Pyjamas- Troll Warlord Treant Protector Witch Doctor Lina Centaur Warrunner Io Night Stalker Dazzle Ancient Apparition Slark
1362101998 30 Mar 2015 09:00 Shadow Fiend Lina Batrider Ogre Magi Treant Protector Chen Io Dazzle Zeus Faceless Void -Ninjas-in-Pyjamas- Troll Warlord Axe Skywrath Mage Spirit Breaker Queen of Pain Sniper Night Stalker Vengeful Spirit Lich Witch Doctor -Ninjas-in-Pyjamas-
1361837252 30 Mar 2015 06:41 Team Secret Queen of Pain Batrider Lion Phantom Assassin Treant Protector Troll Warlord Sniper Magnus Bane Windranger Alliance Io Tiny Skywrath Mage Clockwerk Storm Spirit Chen Enigma Bristleback Earthshaker Enchantress Team Secret
1361692473 30 Mar 2015 05:31 Team Secret Queen of Pain Rubick Earthshaker Shadow Fiend Brewmaster Troll Warlord Sniper Bane Windranger Storm Spirit Alliance Io Batrider Ogre Magi Chaos Knight Lina Chen Enigma Bristleback Broodmother Axe Team Secret
1360234173 30 Mar 2015 04:58 Leviathan' Vengeful Spirit Troll Warlord Lina Disruptor Broodmother Omniknight Sniper Phantom Lancer Earthshaker Juggernaut Wheel Whreck While Whistling Clockwerk Lion Witch Doctor Death Prophet Spectre Batrider Pudge Queen of Pain Shadow Fiend Axe Leviathan'
1360146969 30 Mar 2015 03:34 Wheel Whreck While Whistling Vengeful Spirit Batrider Dazzle Bristleback Windranger Troll Warlord Pudge Slark Axe Wraith King Leviathan' Queen of Pain Lion Earthshaker Lina Morphling Omniknight Sniper Phantom Lancer Disruptor Shadow Fiend Leviathan'
1360071372 30 Mar 2015 02:05 Unknown Radiant Team Storm Spirit Lion Phoenix Windranger Drow Ranger Batrider Sniper Lina Silencer Skywrath Mage Unknown Dire Team Vengeful Spirit Axe Clockwerk Shadow Fiend Disruptor Troll Warlord Earthshaker Juggernaut Brewmaster Enigma Unknown Dire Team
1360010491 30 Mar 2015 12:52 Cloud9 Team Empire Cloud9
1359984663 30 Mar 2015 12:22 Unknown Radiant Team Vengeful Spirit Axe Zeus Storm Spirit Naga Siren Troll Warlord Witch Doctor Earthshaker Lina Ancient Apparition Unknown Dire Team Batrider Skywrath Mage Viper Spectre Spirit Breaker Shadow Fiend Sniper Phoenix Juggernaut Dazzle Unknown Radiant Team
1359886012 29 Mar 2015 10:52 Team Empire Phoenix Axe Shadow Fiend Skywrath Mage Morphling Zeus Night Stalker Lion Terrorblade Naga Siren Cloud9 Batrider Silencer Puck Ogre Magi Juggernaut Io Troll Warlord Omniknight Sniper Earthshaker Team Empire
1359736329 29 Mar 2015 09:11 Cloud9 Zeus Phoenix Lion Ancient Apparition Naga Siren Storm Spirit Skywrath Mage Silencer Shadow Fiend Brewmaster Team Empire Dazzle Axe Sniper Earthshaker Queen of Pain Io Troll Warlord Night Stalker Terrorblade Spectre Cloud9
1359389447 29 Mar 2015 06:21 Chen Batrider Lina Witch Doctor Anti-Mage Io Troll Warlord Drow Ranger Axe Spectre Natus Vincere Vengeful Spirit Queen of Pain Zeus Bounty Hunter Faceless Void Shadow Fiend Sniper Slark Skywrath Mage Bristleback Natus Vincere
1359271871 29 Mar 2015 05:33 Natus Vincere Vengeful Spirit Shadow Fiend Visage Drow Ranger Morphling Troll Warlord Io Bristleback Axe Skywrath Mage Magnus Juggernaut Spirit Breaker Omniknight Bane Sniper Batrider Treant Protector Ancient Apparition Puck Natus Vincere
1357141697 28 Mar 2015 11:09 Team Secret Batrider Queen of Pain Phantom Assassin Enigma Lina Magnus Troll Warlord Spirit Breaker Vengeful Spirit Sniper Skywrath Mage Slark Omniknight Night Stalker Venomancer Chen Io Shadow Fiend Earthshaker Disruptor Team Secret
1357060153 28 Mar 2015 10:10 Team Secret Shadow Fiend Chen Queen of Pain Lion Sand King Troll Warlord Magnus Axe Night Stalker Centaur Warrunner Io Tiny Bane Phoenix Zeus Sniper Batrider Bristleback Clockwerk Drow Ranger Team Secret
1356945897 28 Mar 2015 09:01 Juggernaut Magnus Axe Omniknight Bane Io Batrider Enigma Broodmother Bristleback Team Secret Sniper Rubick Storm Spirit Dazzle Timbersaw Troll Warlord Vengeful Spirit Night Stalker Lion Skywrath Mage
1356625709 28 Mar 2015 06:29 Shadow Fiend Lion Zeus Batrider Centaur Warrunner Io Troll Warlord Storm Spirit Tusk Phantom Assassin Team Empire Axe Ancient Apparition Brewmaster Rubick Ember Spirit Lina Sniper Visage Skywrath Mage Techies
1356480648 28 Mar 2015 05:31 Axe Lina Lion Visage Drow Ranger Io Bristleback Ancient Apparition Brewmaster Magnus Team Empire Zeus Storm Spirit Juggernaut Skywrath Mage Templar Assassin Sniper Troll Warlord Treant Protector Shadow Fiend Anti-Mage
1356325419 28 Mar 2015 04:34 Unknown Radiant Team Axe Silencer Juggernaut Vengeful Spirit Lina Troll Warlord Earthshaker Templar Assassin Brewmaster Faceless Void Team Braveheart Phoenix Lion Queen of Pain Ancient Apparition Bristleback Sniper Storm Spirit Omniknight Shadow Fiend Invoker Unknown Radiant Team
1356108292 28 Mar 2015 03:24 Unknown Radiant Team Batrider Vengeful Spirit Queen of Pain Ancient Apparition Bristleback Troll Warlord Clockwerk Silencer Phoenix Tidehunter Team Braveheart Earthshaker Juggernaut Viper Shadow Shaman Nyx Assassin Sniper Storm Spirit Shadow Fiend Lion Ember Spirit Unknown Radiant Team
1355940357 28 Mar 2015 02:28 Team Braveheart Sniper Juggernaut Earthshaker Lion Brewmaster Batrider Storm Spirit Io Zeus Omniknight Unknown Dire Team Troll Warlord Queen of Pain Axe Rubick Ancient Apparition Clockwerk Vengeful Spirit Phoenix Broodmother Tidehunter Team Braveheart
1355526089 28 Mar 2015 12:04 CDEC Troll Warlord Lion Spirit Breaker Zeus Invoker Sniper Io Axe Drow Ranger Slark Energy Pacemaker gaming Storm Spirit Silencer Phoenix Treant Protector Juggernaut Shadow Fiend Batrider Broodmother Queen of Pain Viper CDEC
1355380523 28 Mar 2015 11:04 Energy Pacemaker gaming Sniper Clockwerk Rubick Leshrac Morphling Shadow Fiend Storm Spirit Viper Queen of Pain Templar Assassin CDEC Batrider Vengeful Spirit Juggernaut Skywrath Mage Ember Spirit Io Troll Warlord Nyx Assassin Ancient Apparition Slark CDEC
1354131679 27 Mar 2015 10:27 Natus Vincere Ancient Apparition Treant Protector Vengeful Spirit Storm Spirit Wraith King Sniper Troll Warlord Tiny Chaos Knight Viper Alliance Io Batrider Ogre Magi Slardar Windranger Axe Shadow Fiend Outworld Devourer Slark Juggernaut Alliance
1354002621 27 Mar 2015 09:01 Alliance Magnus Queen of Pain Juggernaut Lion Enigma Io Troll Warlord Shadow Fiend Axe Puck Natus Vincere Vengeful Spirit Rubick Doom Morphling Lina Sniper Treant Protector Skywrath Mage Chen Ancient Apparition Alliance
1353771019 27 Mar 2015 06:58 Cloud9 Night Stalker Magnus Skywrath Mage Juggernaut Batrider Sniper Zeus Witch Doctor Phoenix Vengeful Spirit -Ninjas-in-Pyjamas- Chen Luna Venomancer Clockwerk Shadow Shaman Io Troll Warlord Broodmother Faceless Void Bounty Hunter -Ninjas-in-Pyjamas-
1353685042 27 Mar 2015 06:19 -Ninjas-in-Pyjamas- Chen Witch Doctor Juggernaut Viper Earthshaker Sniper Night Stalker Broodmother Zeus Faceless Void Cloud9 Troll Warlord Phoenix Skywrath Mage Magnus Bounty Hunter Io Batrider Luna Slardar Axe Cloud9
1353574868 27 Mar 2015 05:31 Cloud9 Batrider Venomancer Phoenix Lion Tiny Sniper Chen Lycan Spirit Breaker Broodmother -Ninjas-in-Pyjamas- Night Stalker Zeus Phantom Lancer Skywrath Mage Legion Commander Io Troll Warlord Drow Ranger Earthshaker Juggernaut -Ninjas-in-Pyjamas-
1353336855 27 Mar 2015 04:01 Unknown Radiant Team Vengeful Spirit Batrider Juggernaut Skywrath Mage Ember Spirit Troll Warlord Clockwerk Tidehunter Silencer Anti-Mage Terror blade !! Queen of Pain Witch Doctor Brewmaster Rubick Broodmother Earthshaker Axe Shadow Fiend Sniper Storm Spirit Unknown Radiant Team
1353149672 27 Mar 2015 02:56 Unknown Radiant Team Viper Juggernaut Phoenix Bristleback Lion Troll Warlord Zeus Razor Doom Spirit Breaker Terror blade !! Queen of Pain Witch Doctor Ogre Magi Sniper Centaur Warrunner Vengeful Spirit Earthshaker Techies Pugna Meepo Unknown Radiant Team
1352772378 27 Mar 2015 12:42 Unknown Radiant Team Shadow Fiend Earthshaker Silencer Slark Nyx Assassin Phoenix Batrider Broodmother Tidehunter Sand King Team Braveheart Troll Warlord Lion Clockwerk Queen of Pain Rubick Sniper Storm Spirit Juggernaut Ancient Apparition Bristleback Team Braveheart
1352655741 27 Mar 2015 11:54 Team Braveheart Vengeful Spirit Shadow Fiend Lion Bristleback Mirana Batrider Sniper Axe Silencer Clockwerk Unknown Dire Team Earthshaker Storm Spirit Juggernaut Ancient Apparition Magnus Phoenix Troll Warlord Tidehunter Centaur Warrunner Anti-Mage Unknown Dire Team
1352558585 27 Mar 2015 11:11 Unknown Radiant Team Bristleback Earthshaker Ember Spirit Rubick Puck Tidehunter Batrider Spirit Breaker Zeus Viper Team Braveheart Troll Warlord Ancient Apparition Lion Phoenix Templar Assassin Sniper Shadow Fiend Io Storm Spirit Broodmother Team Braveheart
1350926007 26 Mar 2015 05:05 DK Lion Viper Zeus Storm Spirit Spirit Breaker Sniper Troll Warlord Phoenix Ancient Apparition Skywrath Mage Energy Pacemaker gaming Queen of Pain Rubick Shadow Fiend Axe Omniknight Batrider Io Silencer Drow Ranger Clockwerk Energy Pacemaker gaming
1350707231 26 Mar 2015 03:35 Energy Pacemaker gaming Sniper Vengeful Spirit Phoenix Juggernaut Clockwerk Io Batrider Slark Silencer Axe DK Shadow Fiend Lion Queen of Pain Skywrath Mage Drow Ranger Troll Warlord Storm Spirit Viper Treant Protector Tidehunter Energy Pacemaker gaming
1350580556 26 Mar 2015 02:49 DK Skywrath Mage Lion Queen of Pain Drow Ranger Tidehunter Spirit Breaker Doom Chaos Knight Lycan Huskar Energy Pacemaker gaming Tiny Io Axe Lina Zeus Earthshaker Sven Kunkka Beastmaster Pudge DK
1350279385 26 Mar 2015 12:57 CDEC Shadow Fiend Vengeful Spirit Juggernaut Tidehunter Shadow Shaman Io Storm Spirit Earthshaker Ancient Apparition Sniper Dream - Gamin Queen of Pain Clockwerk Lion Zeus Faceless Void Troll Warlord Batrider Drow Ranger Chen Enchantress CDEC
1350170431 26 Mar 2015 12:11 Dream - Gamin Batrider Lina Rubick Viper Morphling Troll Warlord Vengeful Spirit Slark Brewmaster Axe CDEC Queen of Pain Earthshaker Skywrath Mage Juggernaut Phoenix Io Pugna Lion Witch Doctor Drow Ranger CDEC
1350033842 26 Mar 2015 11:08 Dream - Gamin Shadow Fiend Vengeful Spirit Skywrath Mage Axe Bristleback Troll Warlord Queen of Pain Broodmother Clockwerk Tidehunter CDEC Storm Spirit Chen Juggernaut Lion Timbersaw Io Batrider Silencer Ancient Apparition Slark Dream - Gamin
1319467048 14 Mar 2015 02:16 R a v e Witch Doctor Ember Spirit Shadow Fiend Earthshaker Zeus Axe Io Drow Ranger Queen of Pain Templar Assassin MVP Phoenix Troll Warlord Skywrath Mage Ogre Magi Viper Brewmaster Storm Spirit Vengeful Spirit Medusa Sniper Batrider R a v e
1319313770 14 Mar 2015 01:24 R a v e Earthshaker Queen of Pain Templar Assassin Bristleback Skywrath Mage Io Troll Warlord Sniper Ember Spirit Brewmaster MVP Phoenix Witch Doctor Axe Ogre Magi Naga Siren Viper Storm Spirit Vengeful Spirit Chen Batrider Lion MVP Phoenix
1319051235 14 Mar 2015 11:49 MVP Phoenix Axe Queen of Pain Earthshaker Skywrath Mage Lycan Storm Spirit Vengeful Spirit Ember Spirit Batrider Tidehunter R a v e Witch Doctor Medusa Lion Brewmaster Spirit Breaker Io Troll Warlord Chen Drow Ranger Anti-Mage R a v e
1318959641 14 Mar 2015 11:13 MVP Phoenix Axe Witch Doctor Chen Queen of Pain Drow Ranger Storm Spirit Vengeful Spirit Bristleback Tidehunter Beastmaster R a v e Ember Spirit Shadow Fiend Rubick Treant Protector Batrider Io Troll Warlord Sniper Templar Assassin Medusa MVP Phoenix
1318790444 14 Mar 2015 10:03 R a v e Ember Spirit Witch Doctor Earthshaker Bristleback Shadow Fiend Troll Warlord Io Zeus Enigma Viper MVP Phoenix Storm Spirit Skywrath Mage Ogre Magi Drow Ranger Gyrocopter Vengeful Spirit Axe Chen Medusa Sniper R a v e
1316539097 13 Mar 2015 02:05 MVP HOT6 Shadow Fiend Earthshaker Clockwerk Shadow Shaman Slark Batrider Io Templar Assassin Vengeful Spirit Silencer MVP Phoenix Troll Warlord Chen Zeus Storm Spirit Disruptor Tiny Sniper Lycan Witch Doctor Anti-Mage MVP Phoenix
1316366244 13 Mar 2015 01:02 MVP HOT6 Enigma Axe Disruptor Bristleback Medusa Batrider Io Storm Spirit Templar Assassin Queen of Pain MVP Phoenix Troll Warlord Chen Vengeful Spirit Zeus Ember Spirit Tiny Sniper Lycan Witch Doctor Shadow Fiend MVP Phoenix
1314224204 12 Mar 2015 02:29 MVP Phoenix Chen Axe Skywrath Mage Lycan Slardar Storm Spirit Witch Doctor Earthshaker Vengeful Spirit Enigma R a v e Sniper Ember Spirit Rubick Bristleback Treant Protector Troll Warlord Io Templar Assassin Queen of Pain Razor R a v e
1314082778 12 Mar 2015 01:35 MVP Phoenix Clockwerk Sniper Earthshaker Disruptor Luna Batrider Axe Tidehunter Chen Brewmaster R a v e Vengeful Spirit Storm Spirit Witch Doctor Spectre Zeus Io Troll Warlord Skywrath Mage Enigma Ember Spirit R a v e
1313892042 12 Mar 2015 12:12 MVP HOT6 Witch Doctor Shadow Fiend Earthshaker Luna Disruptor Queen of Pain Io Templar Assassin Sniper Anti-Mage Unknown Dire Team Axe Skywrath Mage Silencer Storm Spirit Bristleback Enigma Troll Warlord Chen Treant Protector Tidehunter MVP HOT6
1313757684 12 Mar 2015 11:03 Unknown Radiant Team Storm Spirit Skywrath Mage Beastmaster Silencer Anti-Mage Axe Disruptor Enigma Troll Warlord Chen MVP HOT6 Sniper Batrider Witch Doctor Sven Lina Queen of Pain Io Earthshaker Spectre Lone Druid Unknown Radiant Team
1313647833 12 Mar 2015 10:03 MVP HOT6 Disruptor Axe Io Tiny Centaur Warrunner Queen of Pain Batrider Lone Druid Anti-Mage Beastmaster Unknown Dire Team Earthshaker Witch Doctor Bristleback Troll Warlord Brewmaster Sniper Vengeful Spirit Enigma Storm Spirit Magnus MVP HOT6
1312310114 11 Mar 2015 05:01 Unknown Radiant Team Earthshaker Queen of Pain Bristleback Witch Doctor Lone Druid Beastmaster Tinker Leshrac Sniper Troll Warlord Can't Say Wips Chen Batrider Shadow Demon Shadow Fiend Ember Spirit Axe Storm Spirit Medusa Ancient Apparition Meepo Unknown Radiant Team
1312019296 11 Mar 2015 03:01 Can't Say Wips Batrider Vengeful Spirit Tinker Enigma Mirana Axe Troll Warlord Drow Ranger Silencer Medusa Unknown Dire Team Queen of Pain Earthshaker Skywrath Mage Storm Spirit Spectre Beastmaster Chen Leshrac Shadow Fiend Weaver Unknown Dire Team
1311780934 11 Mar 2015 01:31 5eva. Enigma Vengeful Spirit Bristleback Ember Spirit Viper Axe Chen Troll Warlord Storm Spirit Slark MVP HOT6 Disruptor Sniper Treant Protector Jakiro Mirana Naga Siren Batrider Phantom Assassin Queen of Pain Lycan MVP HOT6
1311594742 11 Mar 2015 12:11 MVP HOT6 Disruptor Sniper Enigma Centaur Warrunner Troll Warlord Naga Siren Bristleback Phantom Assassin Lycan Zeus 5eva. Batrider Earthshaker Rubick Spectre Invoker Chen Axe Clockwerk Storm Spirit Necrophos MVP HOT6
1309618177 10 Mar 2015 02:21 MVP Phoenix Enigma Vengeful Spirit Storm Spirit Troll Warlord Zeus Naga Siren Bristleback Witch Doctor Sniper Slark 5eva. Axe Skywrath Mage Earthshaker Nyx Assassin Morphling Chen Io Lycan Invoker Beastmaster MVP Phoenix
1309498343 10 Mar 2015 01:34 MVP Phoenix Axe Vengeful Spirit Enigma Lycan Ember Spirit Naga Siren Bristleback Storm Spirit Rubick Troll Warlord 5eva. Batrider Skywrath Mage Sand King Mirana Bloodseeker Chen Io Drow Ranger Queen of Pain Invoker MVP Phoenix
1309288610 10 Mar 2015 11:59 Unknown Radiant Team Lion Chen Axe Templar Assassin Anti-Mage Batrider Storm Spirit Medusa Sniper Tidehunter R a v e Vengeful Spirit Witch Doctor Shadow Fiend Ember Spirit Bristleback Queen of Pain Earthshaker Troll Warlord Drow Ranger Viper R a v e
1309178182 10 Mar 2015 11:01 Unknown Radiant Team Vengeful Spirit Shadow Fiend Skywrath Mage Centaur Warrunner Spectre Chen Storm Spirit Templar Assassin Axe Medusa R a v e Earthshaker Witch Doctor Sniper Brewmaster Ember Spirit Batrider Queen of Pain Beastmaster Clockwerk Troll Warlord R a v e
1309073430 10 Mar 2015 10:03 R a v e Skywrath Mage Axe Anti-Mage Invoker Sand King Batrider Lion Beastmaster Troll Warlord Phoenix Unknown Dire Team Vengeful Spirit Queen of Pain Earthshaker Drow Ranger Templar Assassin Chen Storm Spirit Io Shadow Fiend Witch Doctor Unknown Dire Team
1307373768 09 Mar 2015 02:45 Can't Say Wips Batrider Vengeful Spirit Shadow Fiend Leshrac Ogre Magi Axe Sniper Templar Assassin Lycan Medusa Unknown Dire Team Chen Zeus Tidehunter Invoker Anti-Mage Faceless Void Queen of Pain Troll Warlord Tinker Enigma Can't Say Wips
1307167037 09 Mar 2015 01:30 Unknown Radiant Team Queen of Pain Vengeful Spirit Bristleback Spectre Io Batrider Faceless Void Lycan Leshrac Zeus Can't Say Wips Chen Beastmaster Tinker Troll Warlord Shadow Demon Axe Sniper Enigma Medusa Ancient Apparition Can't Say Wips
1306783565 09 Mar 2015 10:51 MVP HOT6 Witch Doctor Shadow Fiend Jakiro Mirana Bane Batrider Beastmaster Skywrath Mage Ancient Apparition Dazzle Invasion eSports Axe Storm Spirit Io Bristleback Abaddon Sniper Vengeful Spirit Lion Enigma Queen of Pain MVP HOT6
1306673217 09 Mar 2015 10:00 MVP HOT6 Axe Disruptor Enigma Templar Assassin Juggernaut Batrider Beastmaster Medusa Viper Drow Ranger Invasion eSports Lion Tidehunter Invoker Sand King Razor Vengeful Spirit Sniper Shadow Fiend Storm Spirit Troll Warlord MVP HOT6
1304798715 08 Mar 2015 02:39 MVP Phoenix Enigma Troll Warlord Clockwerk Witch Doctor Naga Siren Beastmaster Sniper Skywrath Mage Queen of Pain Phantom Lancer Unknown Dire Team Chen Morphling Rubick Templar Assassin Gyrocopter Batrider Axe Abaddon Storm Spirit Slark MVP Phoenix
1304604488 08 Mar 2015 01:31 MVP Phoenix Axe Chen Queen of Pain Drow Ranger Skywrath Mage Beastmaster Sniper Enigma Sand King Treant Protector Unknown Dire Team Troll Warlord Witch Doctor Phoenix Tinker Disruptor Batrider Storm Spirit Lycan Earthshaker Vengeful Spirit MVP Phoenix
1304167243 08 Mar 2015 10:42 Can't Say Wips Vengeful Spirit Sniper Queen of Pain Tidehunter Lich Axe Naga Siren Slark Anti-Mage Troll Warlord 5eva. Batrider Ancient Apparition Phantom Assassin Visage Earthshaker Chen Tinker Enigma Beastmaster Bloodseeker 5eva.
1304073003 08 Mar 2015 10:05 5eva. Enigma Sniper Skywrath Mage Bristleback Spirit Breaker Chen Batrider Tinker Invoker Phantom Assassin Can't Say Wips Vengeful Spirit Storm Spirit Io Magnus Chaos Knight Axe Naga Siren Tidehunter Clockwerk Brewmaster 5eva.
1303519300 08 Mar 2015 06:02 paiN Gaming Batrider Lion Storm Spirit Anti-Mage Dazzle Sniper Vengeful Spirit Ancient Apparition Slark Disruptor Boreal eSports Earthshaker Zeus Spectre Queen of Pain Spirit Breaker Axe Troll Warlord Shadow Fiend Juggernaut Witch Doctor Boreal eSports
1303377389 08 Mar 2015 04:38 paiN Gaming Clockwerk Sniper Witch Doctor Faceless Void Shadow Shaman Axe Vengeful Spirit Spectre Slark Broodmother Boreal eSports Shadow Fiend Earthshaker Lion Storm Spirit Omniknight Troll Warlord Batrider Disruptor Skywrath Mage Ancient Apparition Boreal eSports
1303273457 08 Mar 2015 03:28 Boreal eSports Batrider Vengeful Spirit Viper Drow Ranger Ogre Magi Clockwerk Troll Warlord Nyx Assassin Skywrath Mage Slark paiN Gaming Shadow Fiend Earthshaker Disruptor Beastmaster Phantom Lancer Sniper Axe Queen of Pain Lina Visage paiN Gaming
1303150892 08 Mar 2015 01:44 Unknown Radiant Team Batrider Earthshaker Sniper Bloodseeker Disruptor Chen Axe Clockwerk Storm Spirit Medusa TEAMERINO TINKERINO Vengeful Spirit Enigma Slark Beastmaster Tinker Troll Warlord Shadow Fiend Viper Silencer Lion Unknown Radiant Team
1303084835 08 Mar 2015 12:39 Unknown Radiant Team Vengeful Spirit Shadow Fiend Faceless Void Abaddon Timbersaw Chen Axe Bristleback Clockwerk Tinker TEAMERINO TINKERINO Troll Warlord Enigma Lion Broodmother Morphling Batrider Sniper Brewmaster Earthshaker Tidehunter Unknown Radiant Team
1303042851 08 Mar 2015 12:00 TEAMERINO TINKERINO Enigma Lion Shadow Fiend Bristleback Storm Spirit Batrider Troll Warlord Viper Sniper Medusa Unknown Dire Team Vengeful Spirit Clockwerk Ember Spirit Ancient Apparition Morphling Axe Chen Broodmother Phoenix Juggernaut TEAMERINO TINKERINO
1301948579 07 Mar 2015 03:25 Invasion eSports Bristleback Io Beastmaster Invoker Treant Protector Storm Spirit Batrider Faceless Void Broodmother Spectre Unknown Dire Team Queen of Pain Skywrath Mage Earthshaker Zeus Anti-Mage Chen Vengeful Spirit Sniper Witch Doctor Enigma Unknown Dire Team
1301785486 07 Mar 2015 02:31 Invasion eSports Skywrath Mage Storm Spirit Troll Warlord Bristleback Dazzle Sniper Batrider Broodmother Lycan Tidehunter Unknown Dire Team Lion Queen of Pain Io Tiny Magnus Chen Vengeful Spirit Earthshaker Axe Disruptor Unknown Dire Team
1301357177 07 Mar 2015 12:00 MVP HOT6 Clockwerk Skywrath Mage Shadow Fiend Chen Troll Warlord Storm Spirit Batrider Medusa Naga Siren Drow Ranger R a v e Vengeful Spirit Tidehunter Templar Assassin Witch Doctor Ember Spirit Sniper Axe Enigma Juggernaut Bristleback R a v e
1301213587 07 Mar 2015 11:03 R a v e Chen Shadow Fiend Troll Warlord Centaur Warrunner Bane Skywrath Mage Vengeful Spirit Enigma Bristleback Juggernaut MVP HOT6 Sniper Axe Witch Doctor Lina Sven Storm Spirit Batrider Clockwerk Lion Dazzle MVP HOT6
1301071625 07 Mar 2015 10:05 MVP HOT6 Disruptor Venomancer Io Tiny Legion Commander Storm Spirit Chen Medusa Invoker Drow Ranger R a v e Batrider Lion Witch Doctor Puck Anti-Mage Skywrath Mage Vengeful Spirit Clockwerk Beastmaster Magnus R a v e
1300408037 07 Mar 2015 04:32 Boreal eSports Vengeful Spirit Bristleback Abaddon Lina Magnus Axe Clockwerk Witch Doctor Drow Ranger Storm Spirit Monib Baray Batrider Lion Io Tiny Slark Sniper Chen Enigma Juggernaut Broodmother Boreal eSports
1300321466 07 Mar 2015 03:31 Monib Baray Chen Witch Doctor Shadow Fiend Juggernaut Broodmother Sniper Batrider Enigma Venomancer Tidehunter Boreal eSports Vengeful Spirit Queen of Pain Keeper of the Light Spectre Legion Commander Axe Clockwerk Puck Drow Ranger Spirit Breaker Boreal eSports
1300214461 07 Mar 2015 02:00 Troll Warlord Rubick Windranger Omniknight Doom Earthshaker Vengeful Spirit Juggernaut Slark Shadow Fiend paiN Gaming Beastmaster Skywrath Mage Medusa Ogre Magi Bristleback Lion Batrider Sniper Anti-Mage Phantom Assassin paiN Gaming
1300155156 07 Mar 2015 12:59 paiN Gaming Troll Warlord Witch Doctor Nyx Assassin Storm Spirit Doom Vengeful Spirit Axe Juggernaut Shadow Fiend Drow Ranger Lion Earthshaker Puck Windranger Anti-Mage Batrider Sniper Clockwerk Slark Skywrath Mage
1300103272 07 Mar 2015 12:05 Batrider Skywrath Mage Storm Spirit Razor Undying Earthshaker Slark Clockwerk Anti-Mage Centaur Warrunner paiN Gaming Vengeful Spirit Shadow Fiend Juggernaut Disruptor Nyx Assassin Lion Troll Warlord Sniper Medusa Sand King paiN Gaming
1297707946 06 Mar 2015 04:25 TEAMERINO TINKERINO Enigma Juggernaut Witch Doctor Storm Spirit Beastmaster Troll Warlord Chen Broodmother Earthshaker Skywrath Mage Isurus Gaming HyperX Lion Sniper Axe Lina Zeus Batrider Shadow Fiend Clockwerk Vengeful Spirit Phoenix TEAMERINO TINKERINO
1297648418 06 Mar 2015 03:34 TEAMERINO TINKERINO Chen Shadow Fiend Witch Doctor Faceless Void Brewmaster Troll Warlord Storm Spirit Clockwerk Enigma Broodmother Isurus Gaming HyperX Vengeful Spirit Sniper Axe Ancient Apparition Windranger Batrider Lion Phoenix Drow Ranger Tidehunter TEAMERINO TINKERINO
1297534463 06 Mar 2015 01:35 Unknown Radiant Team Batrider Spectre Skywrath Mage Ember Spirit Spirit Breaker Storm Spirit Clockwerk Chen Axe Enigma Unknown Dire Team Sniper Earthshaker Tidehunter Phantom Lancer Shadow Shaman Vengeful Spirit Troll Warlord Witch Doctor Viper Rubick Unknown Radiant Team
1297402380 06 Mar 2015 12:19 Unknown Radiant Team Vengeful Spirit Batrider Witch Doctor Viper Spectre Storm Spirit Clockwerk Chen Nyx Assassin Ancient Apparition Unknown Dire Team Lion Juggernaut Shadow Fiend Axe Dazzle Troll Warlord Sniper Lycan Medusa Queen of Pain Unknown Radiant Team