Part of Ticket: AOC & Rapoo Masters Championship 3072

AOC & Rapoo Masters Championship (Online)

Total Matches: 14

Match Date Duration Radiant Dire Winner
Team Picks Bans Team Picks Bans
1498283821 24 May 2015 02:55 52:16 G Guard Esports Leshrac Witch Doctor Viper Ancient Apparition Faceless Void Undying Gyrocopter Beastmaster Spirit Breaker Broodmother EXECRATION1 Io Tiny Razor Rubick Magnus Queen of Pain Visage Drow Ranger Outworld Devourer Storm Spirit G Guard Esports
1498134859 24 May 2015 01:59 33:07 EXECRATION1 Leshrac Visage Beastmaster Shadow Fiend Sand King Queen of Pain Storm Spirit Tinker Earthshaker Broodmother G Guard Esports Lina Rubick Bristleback Winter Wyvern Phantom Lancer Undying Gyrocopter Drow Ranger Lycan Phoenix G Guard Esports
1497994834 24 May 2015 01:03 32:20 G Guard Esports Leshrac Rubick Skywrath Mage Beastmaster Shadow Fiend Undying Gyrocopter Earthshaker Phoenix Night Stalker EXECRATION1 Queen of Pain Lina Brewmaster Bounty Hunter Lone Druid Visage Drow Ranger Bristleback Razor Storm Spirit G Guard Esports
1497860609 24 May 2015 12:07 25:54 EXECRATION1 Undying Witch Doctor Bounty Hunter Razor Storm Spirit Queen of Pain Visage Earthshaker Broodmother Bristleback G Guard Esports Rubick Shadow Fiend Ancient Apparition Phoenix Naga Siren Gyrocopter Leshrac Viper Drow Ranger Phantom Lancer EXECRATION1
1483445779 18 May 2015 04:29 11:49 EXECRATION1 Queen of Pain Chen Leshrac Shadow Demon Dragon Knight Io Visage Drow Ranger Witch Doctor Bounty Hunter The Prime Arvore Vengeful Spirit Batrider Lina Gyrocopter Enigma Beastmaster Undying Brewmaster Bristleback Spirit Breaker EXECRATION1
1483256891 18 May 2015 03:08 36:00 The Prime Arvore Phoenix Gyrocopter Witch Doctor Invoker Broodmother Io Spirit Breaker Brewmaster Shadow Fiend Queen of Pain EXECRATION1 Beastmaster Disruptor Drow Ranger Enigma Axe Undying Visage Earthshaker Rubick Lina EXECRATION1
1480769317 17 May 2015 02:24 30:24 Can't Say Wips Undying Chen Storm Spirit Witch Doctor Lone Druid Queen of Pain Drow Ranger Ancient Apparition Shadow Fiend Broodmother G Guard Esports Gyrocopter Rubick Enchantress Tiny Keeper of the Light Visage Io Phoenix Dazzle Lifestealer G Guard Esports
1480557856 17 May 2015 01:06 53:22 Can't Say Wips Gyrocopter Winter Wyvern Shadow Fiend Lion Phoenix Queen of Pain Storm Spirit Medusa Drow Ranger Faceless Void G Guard Esports Earthshaker Lina Ancient Apparition Batrider Lifestealer Visage Io Undying Leshrac Clockwerk G Guard Esports
1470491755 13 May 2015 05:16 59:25 G Guard Esports Winter Wyvern Tidehunter Disruptor Ember Spirit Outworld Devourer Queen of Pain Gyrocopter Beastmaster Clockwerk Magnus Invasion eSports Io Tiny Rubick Windranger Broodmother Undying Storm Spirit Earthshaker Visage Zeus G Guard Esports
1470306391 13 May 2015 04:06 47:35 Invasion eSports Visage Drow Ranger Windranger Earthshaker Broodmother Undying Queen of Pain Storm Spirit Zeus Shadow Shaman G Guard Esports Beastmaster Phoenix Leshrac Medusa Centaur Warrunner Gyrocopter Io Shadow Fiend Vengeful Spirit Nyx Assassin G Guard Esports
1470081478 13 May 2015 02:44 26:13 Trust Undying Storm Spirit Batrider Io Sven Chen Winter Wyvern Leshrac Beastmaster Tidehunter Can't Say Wips Gyrocopter Earthshaker Shadow Fiend Ogre Magi Centaur Warrunner Queen of Pain Drow Ranger Phoenix Lion Tiny Can't Say Wips
1469872982 13 May 2015 01:29 52:51 Can't Say Wips Leshrac Beastmaster Gyrocopter Winter Wyvern Visage Queen of Pain Drow Ranger Anti-Mage Storm Spirit Clockwerk Trust Earthshaker Phoenix Shadow Fiend Razor Sand King Chen Undying Silencer Enchantress Lion Can't Say Wips
1465601256 11 May 2015 04:17 1:00:47 Team Redemption` Bristleback Earthshaker Witch Doctor Razor Naga Siren Io Troll Warlord Skywrath Mage Drow Ranger Lion The Prime Arvore Visage Clockwerk Morphling Windranger Zeus Queen of Pain Winter Wyvern Magnus Viper Sniper The Prime Arvore
1465453949 11 May 2015 03:25 34:10 The Prime Arvore Shadow Fiend Io Dark Seer Dazzle Ember Spirit Queen of Pain Earthshaker Viper Ursa Axe Team Redemption` Undying Phoenix Witch Doctor Mirana Invoker Troll Warlord Winter Wyvern Tiny Bristleback Gyrocopter The Prime Arvore