Ticket: MDL Disneyland Paris Major MDL Disneyland Paris Major 10810

MDL Disneyland Paris Major / 4723921470 / Patch 7.21

Starting 05 May 2019 18:51:39 lasting 35:28

Mineski (Mski) Mineski Elo32 shift: -12.596
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Pugna kpii 18 3 5 7 360 418 1409 17244 137 1017 13635 Nether Blast Decrepify Nether Blast Decrepify Nether Blast Life Drain Nether Blast Nether Ward Decrepify +225 Health Decrepify Life Drain Nether Ward Nether Ward +3 Nether Ward Health Nether Ward Life Drain  
Boots of Speed Arcane Boots Energy Booster Void Stone Aether Lens Bracer Tranquil Boots Shadow Amulet Glimmer Cape Cloak Null Talisman Staff of Wizardry Dagon Ring of Health Cloak Hood of Defiance Pipe of Insight  
Rubick raging-_-potato 17 3 7 9 294 373 97 13381 365 1471 10105 Fade Bolt Telekinesis Fade Bolt Unknown Ability #7320 Fade Bolt Spell Steal Fade Bolt Telekinesis Telekinesis +200 Health Unknown Ability #7320 Spell Steal Unknown Ability #7320 Unknown Ability #7320 +125 Cast Range Telekinesis  
Circlet Boots of Speed Wind Lace Magic Stick Circlet Null Talisman Magic Wand Infused Raindrops Arcane Boots Energy Booster Void Stone Ring of Regen Wind Lace Aether Lens Tranquil Boots Staff of Wizardry Ghost Scepter Wind Lace  
Jakiro ninjaboogie 14 3 10 10 245 274 293 13126 400 79 7965 Dual Breath Liquid Fire Dual Breath Ice Path Ice Path Ice Path Macropyre Ice Path Dual Breath Dual Breath Liquid Fire Macropyre +8% Spell Amplification Liquid Fire  
Healing Salve Tango Magic Stick Smoke of Deceit Boots of Speed Quelling Blade Smoke of Deceit Wind Lace Ring of Regen Tranquil Boots Circlet Gauntlets of Strength Bracer Magic Wand Smoke of Deceit  
Meepo Ahjit 21 6 6 4 585 564 2645 16383 0 1052 17465 Poof Divided We Stand Poof Unknown Ability #7318 Poof Earthbind Poof Unknown Ability #7318 Earthbind Divided We Stand Unknown Ability #7318 +7 Strength Unknown Ability #7318 Earthbind +40 Poof Damage Earthbind Divided We Stand 10% Lifesteal  
Wraith Band Wraith Band Wraith Band Boots of Speed Wraith Band Gloves of Haste Power Treads Belt of Strength Ghost Scepter Ethereal Blade Eaglesong Ultimate Orb Ultimate Orb Eye of Skadi Point Booster Blink Dagger  
Ember Spirit Moon 18 2 6 8 395 440 90 16078 125 1053 10545 Flame Guard Sleight of Fist Flame Guard Searing Chains Flame Guard Fire Remnant Flame Guard Searing Chains Searing Chains +200 Flame Guard Absorption Searing Chains Fire Remnant Sleight of Fist Sleight of Fist +1s Searing Chains Sleight of Fist Fire Remnant  
Stout Shield Quelling Blade Magic Stick Bottle Boots of Speed Magic Wand Chainmail Blades of Attack Phase Boots Crown Sage's Mask Wind Lace Drum of Endurance Blink Dagger Staff of Wizardry Void Stone Wind Lace Eul's Scepter of Divinity  
PSG.LGD (LGD) PSG.LGD Elo32 shift: 12.596
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Earthshaker fy 21 2 6 20 312 534 914 21519 0 1059 9965 Fissure Enchant Totem Aftershock Fissure Aftershock Echo Slam Aftershock Aftershock Fissure Fissure +30 Damage Echo Slam Enchant Totem Enchant Totem +30 Movement Speed Enchant Totem Echo Slam +50 Echo Damage  
Boots of Speed Magic Stick Tome of Knowledge Smoke of Deceit Arcane Boots Energy Booster Blink Dagger Smoke of Deceit Tome of Knowledge Smoke of Deceit Magic Wand Point Booster Staff of Wizardry Ogre Axe Blade of Alacrity Tome of Knowledge Aghanim's Scepter  
Storm Spirit Somnus丶M 24 12 3 14 557 725 3570 26319 0 537 19675 Static Remnant Overload Overload Electric Vortex Overload Ball Lightning Overload Static Remnant Static Remnant Unknown Ability #7936 Static Remnant Ball Lightning Electric Vortex Electric Vortex +400 Health Electric Vortex Ball Lightning +30 Attack Speed  
Power Treads Staff of Wizardry Kaya Quarterstaff Oblivion Staff Quarterstaff Oblivion Staff Orchid Malevolence Ogre Axe Mithril Hammer Black King Bar Perseverance Vitality Booster Energy Booster Soul Booster Bloodstone Point Booster  
Necrophos Chalice 23 11 4 8 552 684 1055 24657 4542 1511 19505 Death Pulse Heartstopper Aura Heartstopper Aura Death Pulse Ghost Shroud Reaper's Scythe Death Pulse Death Pulse Heartstopper Aura +10 Strength Heartstopper Aura Reaper's Scythe Ghost Shroud Ghost Shroud Ghost Shroud +16% Ghost Shroud Slow Reaper's Scythe +20% Magic Resistance  
Boots of Speed Power Treads Null Talisman Cloak Hood of Defiance Ring of Health Pipe of Insight Staff of Wizardry Force Staff Staff of Wizardry Dagon Boots of Speed Boots of Travel Dagon Dagon Dagon Dagon  
Spectre Ame 25 7 1 16 646 778 1011 32909 0 4141 19655 Spectral Dagger Dispersion Spectral Dagger Dispersion Spectral Dagger Haunt Spectral Dagger Desolate Dispersion +5 All Stats Dispersion Haunt Desolate Desolate -8s Spectral Dagger Cooldown Desolate Haunt +500 Health +8% Dispersion  
Soul Ring Boots of Speed Magic Wand Wraith Band Gloves of Haste Belt of Strength Power Treads Sacred Relic Radiance Blade of Alacrity Band of Elvenskin Yasha Manta Style Ultimate Orb Ultimate Orb Ultimate Orb Eye of Skadi Point Booster  
Nature's Prophet xNova 17 2 3 21 370 385 3386 21698 507 1203 14005 Nature's Call Teleportation Nature's Call Sprout Nature's Call Wrath of Nature Teleportation Nature's Call Teleportation +30 Damage Teleportation Wrath of Nature Sprout Sprout +4 Treants Summoned Sprout  
Blight Stone Magic Stick Boots of Speed Sage's Mask Ring of Basilius Vladmir's Offering Morbid Mask Staff of Wizardry Ring of Regen Force Staff Cloak Shadow Amulet Glimmer Cape Morbid Mask Sage's Mask Ring of Basilius Vladmir's Offering  

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