Ticket: ESL One Mumbai 2019 ESL One Mumbai 2019 10646

ESL One Mumbai 2019 / 4470327935 / Patch 7.21

Starting 27 February 2019 17:05:48 lasting 34:50

Elements Pro Gaming (Elements) Elements Pro Gaming Elo32 shift: 12.830
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Bane dnz 16 1 5 10 219 338 453 6672 0 966 6430 Brain Sap Nightmare Brain Sap Nightmare Enfeeble Fiend's Grip Brain Sap Enfeeble Enfeeble +100 Cast Range Enfeeble Fiend's Grip Brain Sap Nightmare +40% XP Gain  
Tango Healing Salve Magic Stick Boots of Speed Tome of Knowledge Smoke of Deceit Smoke of Deceit Dust of Appearance Wind Lace Tranquil Boots Ring of Regen Wind Lace Smoke of Deceit Smoke of Deceit Blight Stone  
Phantom Assassin Swiftending 23 8 4 10 623 658 5978 16860 0 2733 19440 Stifling Dagger Phantom Strike Stifling Dagger Blur Stifling Dagger Coup de Grace Stifling Dagger Phantom Strike Phantom Strike +15 Damage Phantom Strike Coup de Grace Blur Blur +25% Cleave Blur Coup de Grace -4 Armor Corruption  
Boots of Speed Phase Boots Chainmail Hand of Midas Magic Wand Mithril Hammer Mithril Hammer Desolator Ogre Axe Mithril Hammer Black King Bar Mithril Hammer Belt of Strength Skull Basher Vitality Booster Ring of Health Vanguard Abyssal Blade  
Elder Titan @LeBronDota 18 4 4 18 270 414 891 11599 0 584 9220 Astral Spirit Natural Order Astral Spirit Echo Stomp Echo Stomp Echo Stomp Earth Splitter Echo Stomp Natural Order +200 Health Natural Order Earth Splitter Natural Order Astral Spirit Astral Spirit +30 Astral Spirit Hero Attack Earth Splitter  
Boots of Speed Wind Lace Blight Stone Tranquil Boots Ring of Regen Ring of Regen Gauntlets of Strength Gauntlets of Strength Soul Ring Crown Tome of Knowledge Wind Lace Sage's Mask Drum of Endurance Ogre Axe Tome of Knowledge Mithril Hammer Black King Bar  
Sven Mitch-- 18 5 3 11 402 442 1938 8006 2658 2253 11300 Storm Hammer Storm Hammer Warcry Warcry Great Cleave God's Strength Warcry Warcry Storm Hammer +8 Strength Storm Hammer God's Strength Great Cleave Great Cleave Storm Hammer Dispels Enemies Great Cleave God's Strength  
Quelling Blade Boots of Speed Circlet Gauntlets of Strength Bracer Magic Stick Gloves of Haste Power Treads Belt of Strength Sage's Mask Ring of Basilius Ring of Protection Morbid Mask Vladmir's Offering Blink Dagger Ogre Axe Mithril Hammer Black King Bar  
Pangolier Boranija 25 6 3 15 661 783 2730 26743 2132 1713 20130 Swashbuckle Unknown Ability #7307 Swashbuckle Unknown Ability #7307 Swashbuckle Rolling Thunder Swashbuckle Unknown Ability #7307 Shield Crash Unknown Ability #7307 +3 Mana Regen Rolling Thunder Shield Crash Shield Crash 2s Shield Crash CD in Ball Shield Crash Rolling Thunder +30 Swashbuckle Damage -3s Swashbuckle Cooldown  
Bottle Javelin Mithril Hammer Maelstrom Arcane Boots Energy Booster Chainmail Mekansm Guardian Greaves Mithril Hammer Skull Basher Blade of Alacrity Blade of Alacrity Diffusal Blade Vitality Booster Energy Booster Soul Booster Point Booster  
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Witch Doctor yol 13 4 9 6 274 256 143 7649 938 30 9125 Paralyzing Cask Maledict Maledict Paralyzing Cask Maledict Death Ward Maledict Paralyzing Cask Paralyzing Cask +6 Armor Voodoo Restoration Death Ward Voodoo Restoration  
Tango Healing Salve Boots of Speed Smoke of Deceit Magic Stick Magic Wand Tome of Knowledge Infused Raindrops Circlet Ring of Protection Urn of Shadows Smoke of Deceit Ghost Scepter Gem of True Sight Cloak Smoke of Deceit  
Tidehunter Sedoy 19 3 3 4 407 471 1286 8704 2658 313 12590 Anchor Smash Kraken Shell Kraken Shell Anchor Smash Kraken Shell Ravage Gush Anchor Smash Anchor Smash +80 Gush Damage Kraken Shell Ravage Gush Gush +40% XP Gain Gush Ravage  
Boots of Speed Magic Stick Sage's Mask Magic Wand Ring of Basilius Morbid Mask Vladmir's Offering Arcane Boots Energy Booster Chainmail Ring of Regen Headdress Buckler Mekansm Guardian Greaves Blink Dagger Platemail  
Bounty Hunter UltraHS^Baraban 22 5 2 11 505 588 836 13386 0 700 17345 Jinada Shuriken Toss Jinada Shadow Walk Jinada Track Jinada Shadow Walk Shadow Walk +25% XP Gain Shuriken Toss Track Shuriken Toss Shuriken Toss +50 Attack Speed Shadow Walk Track +125% Jinada Critical Strike  
Boots of Speed Magic Wand Blades of Attack Chainmail Phase Boots Crown Drum of Endurance Blade of Alacrity Band of Elvenskin Yasha Ultimate Orb Manta Style Ogre Axe Mithril Hammer Black King Bar Demon Edge Javelin  
Pugna UnderShock 18 6 5 6 454 416 4740 22767 0 1710 13880 Decrepify Nether Blast Nether Blast Decrepify Nether Blast Life Drain Nether Blast Decrepify Decrepify +225 Health Nether Ward Life Drain Nether Ward Nether Ward +3 Nether Ward Health Nether Ward Life Drain  
Circlet Null Talisman Circlet Null Talisman Bottle Boots of Speed Arcane Boots Energy Booster Void Stone Aether Lens Blink Dagger Staff of Wizardry Crown Dagon Arcane Boots Energy Booster Vitality Booster Aeon Disk  
Enigma ✔ S o n i c 16 1 5 13 400 357 4218 10778 0 957 11450 Demonic Conversion Malefice Demonic Conversion Midnight Pulse Demonic Conversion Black Hole Midnight Pulse Midnight Pulse Midnight Pulse Malefice Demonic Conversion Black Hole +25 Movement Speed Malefice +150 Gold/Min Malefice  
Tango Blight Stone Enchanted Mango Gloves of Haste Ring of Regen Headdress Helm of the Dominator Ring of Health Boots of Speed Healing Salve Smoke of Deceit Blink Dagger Smoke of Deceit Ring of Health Perseverance Void Stone Linken's Sphere Ultimate Orb  

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