Ticket: MDL Macau 2019 MDL Macau 2019 10560

MDL Macau 2019 / 4456649237 / Patch 7.21

Starting 24 February 2019 12:13:40 lasting 27:31

Evil Geniuses (EG) Evil Geniuses Elo32 shift: 20.725
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Kunkka CCnC 18 5 0 12 537 534 1943 12342 0 2092 13515 Tidebringer Torrent Tidebringer X Marks the Spot Tidebringer Ghostship Tidebringer X Marks the Spot X Marks the Spot +40 Damage X Marks the Spot Ghostship Torrent Torrent +12 Health Regen Torrent Ghostship  
Bracer Bottle Boots of Speed Blades of Attack Chainmail Phase Boots Helm of Iron Will Gloves of Haste Blades of Attack Armlet of Mordiggian Ogre Axe Mithril Hammer Black King Bar Broadsword Blades of Attack Crystalys Platemail  
Phantom Assassin Arteezy 18 15 0 7 597 546 4340 24085 0 1952 15590 Stifling Dagger Phantom Strike Stifling Dagger Blur Stifling Dagger Coup de Grace Stifling Dagger Phantom Strike Phantom Strike +150 Health Phantom Strike Coup de Grace Blur Blur +25% Cleave Blur Coup de Grace  
Boots of Speed Wraith Band Wraith Band Phase Boots Chainmail Mithril Hammer Desolator Mithril Hammer Ogre Axe Mithril Hammer Black King Bar Blade of Alacrity Yasha Ogre Axe Sange Sange and Yasha  
Enigma Cr1t- 14 3 0 12 451 365 8525 3394 1839 3072 11220 Demonic Conversion Demonic Conversion Malefice Malefice Demonic Conversion Black Hole Demonic Conversion Malefice Midnight Pulse Malefice +15% Magic Resistance Black Hole Midnight Pulse Midnight Pulse  
Headdress Gloves of Haste Ring of Health Ring of Health Helm of the Dominator Boots of Speed Headdress Energy Booster Arcane Boots Chainmail Buckler Ring of Health Cloak Hood of Defiance Pipe of Insight Ring of Basilius Morbid Mask Vladmir's Offering  
Pangolier s4 16 4 3 13 435 446 648 7884 1892 1127 11195 Swashbuckle Shield Crash Swashbuckle Shield Crash Swashbuckle Rolling Thunder Swashbuckle Unknown Ability #7307 Shield Crash +3 Mana Regen Shield Crash Rolling Thunder Unknown Ability #7307 Unknown Ability #7307 2s Shield Crash CD in Ball Unknown Ability #7307  
Stout Shield Tango Quelling Blade Bottle Boots of Speed Javelin Arcane Boots Energy Booster Chainmail Ring of Regen Headdress Buckler Magic Stick Magic Wand Mekansm Guardian Greaves Dust of Appearance Blink Dagger  
Chen Fly 12 0 0 20 276 258 6540 3576 866 1905 6310 Unknown Ability #7306 Holy Persuasion Unknown Ability #7306 Holy Persuasion Unknown Ability #7306 Hand of God Unknown Ability #7306 Holy Persuasion Penitence +200 Cast Range Holy Persuasion Hand of God  
Magic Stick Boots of Speed Chainmail Sage's Mask Medallion of Courage Blight Stone Magic Wand  
Team Liquid (Liquid) Team Liquid Elo32 shift: -20.725
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Lone Druid MATUMBAMAN 18 2 2 1 555 543 1856 19910 0 201 15795 Summon Spirit Bear Savage Roar Summon Spirit Bear Unknown Ability #7309 Summon Spirit Bear Unknown Ability #7309 Summon Spirit Bear Unknown Ability #7309 Unknown Ability #7309 +250 Health Savage Roar Savage Roar True Form Druid Form +10 Spirit Bear Armor Savage Roar Druid Form  
Tango Quelling Blade Stout Shield Gloves of Haste Orb of Venom Hand of Midas Boots of Speed Sacred Relic Radiance Boots of Speed Chainmail Blades of Attack Phase Boots Magic Stick Hyperstone Platemail Chainmail Assault Cuirass  
Keeper of the Light GH 12 0 7 0 308 261 0 9367 400 568 6930 Illuminate Chakra Magic Illuminate Chakra Magic Illuminate Unknown Ability #7316 Blinding Light Illuminate Chakra Magic +30% XP Gain Chakra Magic Unknown Ability #7316  
Boots of Speed Tango Magic Stick Observer and Sentry Wards Healing Salve Wind Lace Ring of Regen Tranquil Boots Wind Lace Observer and Sentry Wards Staff of Wizardry Smoke of Deceit Ring of Regen Force Staff Shadow Amulet Glimmer Cape Cloak  
Tidehunter MinD_ContRoL 9 0 7 1 214 183 270 4585 0 315 5215 Kraken Shell Anchor Smash Kraken Shell Gush Kraken Shell Ravage Anchor Smash Anchor Smash Gush  
Healing Salve Quelling Blade Ring of Protection Magic Stick Tango Tango Tango Sentry Ward Boots of Speed Wind Lace Magic Wand Blink Dagger Tome of Knowledge Sentry Ward Healing Salve  
Shadow Shaman KuroKy 9 0 7 0 198 191 237 3578 0 460 4550 Ether Shock Shackles Shackles Hex Ether Shock Mass Serpent Ward Hex Ether Shock Ether Shock  
Magic Stick Boots of Speed Arcane Boots Energy Booster Tome of Knowledge Magic Wand  
Drow Ranger Miracle 14 1 4 0 428 347 141 4638 0 1381 9425 Precision Aura Precision Aura Frost Arrows Gust Precision Aura Marksmanship Precision Aura Gust Frost Arrows +5 All Stats Gust Marksmanship Gust Frost Arrows  
Magic Wand Magic Stick Circlet Wraith Band Circlet Wraith Band Circlet Wraith Band Boots of Speed Gloves of Haste Belt of Strength Power Treads Shadow Amulet Claymore Shadow Blade Mithril Hammer Maelstrom Javelin  

Audio Commentary

驱风驰雨, Lust, 声控 & DPL OB