Ticket: Chongqing Major 2018 Chongqing Major 2018 10482

Chongqing Major 2018 / 4344335252 / Patch 7.20

Starting 19 January 2019 08:02:31 lasting 35:52

Newbee (FWD) Newbee Elo32 shift: -17.051
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Lich SVG 14 3 12 5 197 271 20 10275 0 434 6350 Frost Blast Frost Shield Frost Shield Frost Blast Sinister Gaze Chain Frost Frost Shield Frost Shield Sinister Gaze +{s:value} Health Sinister Gaze Chain Frost Sinister Gaze Frost Blast  
Healing Salve Boots of Speed Magic Stick Healing Salve Healing Salve Magic Wand Healing Salve Infused Raindrops Infused Raindrops  
Sven MSS 14 2 10 7 233 263 159 6824 400 1 7105 Storm Hammer Warcry Warcry Storm Hammer Storm Hammer Great Cleave God's Strength Warcry Warcry +{s:value} Mana Regen Storm Hammer Great Cleave Great Cleave Great Cleave  
Healing Salve Stout Shield Magic Stick Boots of Speed Infused Raindrops Magic Wand Gauntlets of Strength Circlet Bracer Quelling Blade Gauntlets of Strength Circlet Bracer Blink Dagger Wind Lace Ring of Regen Tranquil Boots  
Razor YawaR 16 2 9 5 325 328 0 13106 0 1 10290 Static Link Plasma Field Static Link Storm Surge Static Link Eye of the Storm Storm Surge Storm Surge Storm Surge +{s:value} Agility Static Link Plasma Field Eye of the Storm Plasma Field +{s:value} Static Link Damage Steal Plasma Field  
Slippers of Agility Circlet Boots of Speed Magic Stick Wraith Band Blades of Attack Magic Wand Power Treads Belt of Strength Crown Sage's Mask Wind Lace Drum of Endurance Ogre Axe Mithril Hammer Black King Bar Blade of Alacrity  
Nature's Prophet UNiVeRsE 21 3 3 4 598 559 4665 19298 653 3627 19920 Nature's Call Teleportation Nature's Call Sprout Nature's Call Wrath of Nature Nature's Call Teleportation Teleportation Teleportation +{s:value} Damage Wrath of Nature Sprout Sprout +{s:value} Treants Summoned Sprout Wrath of Nature +{s:value} Attack Speed  
Power Treads Morbid Mask Vladmir's Offering Hood of Defiance Ring of Health Quarterstaff Oblivion Staff Quarterstaff Oblivion Staff Orchid Malevolence Shadow Amulet Shadow Blade Claymore Broadsword Crystalys Bloodthorn Helm of Iron Will Helm of Iron Will  
Morphling Resolut1on 19 2 5 3 450 468 86 12475 0 734 15440 Attribute Shift (Agility Gain) Adaptive Strike (Agility) Attribute Shift (Agility Gain) Waveform Attribute Shift (Agility Gain) Morph Attribute Shift (Agility Gain) Adaptive Strike (Agility) Adaptive Strike (Agility) +{s:value} Waveform Range Adaptive Strike (Agility) Morph Waveform Waveform +{s:value} Attack Speed Waveform Morph  
Wraith Band Wraith Band Boots of Speed Morbid Mask Power Treads Ogre Axe Dragon Lance Ogre Axe Mithril Hammer Black King Bar Ultimate Orb Ring of Health Perseverance Void Stone Linken's Sphere  
Thunder Predator (ThunderP) Thunder Predator Elo32 shift: 17.051
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Phoenix Luu 22 4 3 21 523 587 461 13676 1363 4771 14330 Fire Spirits Icarus Dive Fire Spirits Sun Ray Fire Spirits Supernova Fire Spirits Sun Ray Sun Ray +{s:value} Gold/Min Sun Ray Supernova Icarus Dive Icarus Dive +{s:value} Health Icarus Dive Supernova +{s:value}s Supernova Stun Duration  
Magic Stick Infused Raindrops Circlet Ring of Protection Urn of Shadows Wind Lace Vitality Booster Spirit Vessel Magic Wand Wind Lace Platemail Mystic Staff Shiva's Guard Ogre Axe Belt of Strength Sange Talisman of Evasion Heaven's Halberd  
Grimstroke Matthew 21 3 4 25 451 531 830 13865 400 1356 14195 Stroke of Fate Ink Swell Phantom's Embrace Stroke of Fate Stroke of Fate Soulbind Stroke of Fate Phantom's Embrace Phantom's Embrace +{s:value} Gold/Min Phantom's Embrace Soulbind Ink Swell Ink Swell +{s:value}% Spell Amplification Ink Swell Soulbind +{s:value} Hits to Kill Phantom  
Magic Stick Boots of Speed Wind Lace Infused Raindrops Bracer Ring of Basilius Tranquil Boots Wind Lace Energy Booster Void Stone Aether Lens Staff of Wizardry Force Staff Gem of True Sight Void Stone Staff of Wizardry Eul's Scepter of Divinity  
Troll Warlord Atun 23 8 2 12 637 624 16555 14710 986 4136 19480 Whirling Axes (Ranged) Berserker's Rage Whirling Axes (Ranged) Fervor Whirling Axes (Ranged) Battle Trance Fervor Fervor Berserker's Rage Fervor +{s:value} Agility Battle Trance Berserker's Rage Berserker's Rage +{s:value} Max Fervor Stacks Whirling Axes (Ranged) Battle Trance +{s:value} Damage  
Boots of Speed Wraith Band Wraith Band Power Treads Morbid Mask Vladmir's Offering Blade of Alacrity Yasha Ogre Axe Sange Sange and Yasha Ultimate Orb Ultimate Orb Eye of Skadi Point Booster Ogre Axe Mithril Hammer Black King Bar  
Batrider Leostyle 19 9 2 21 422 459 267 14776 420 3 14050 Sticky Napalm Sticky Napalm Firefly Firefly Sticky Napalm Flaming Lasso Flamebreak Firefly Sticky Napalm Flamebreak Flamebreak Flaming Lasso Firefly Flamebreak +{s:value}% Spell Amplification +{s:value} Health Flaming Lasso  
Boots of Speed Bottle Wind Lace Tranquil Boots Crown Wind Lace Drum of Endurance Blink Dagger Staff of Wizardry Force Staff Wind Lace Staff of Wizardry Void Stone Eul's Scepter of Divinity Boots of Speed Boots of Travel  
Tiny 23 15 1 13 612 673 5657 23453 0 6005 16890 Tree Grab Avalanche Toss Toss Avalanche Toss Avalanche Avalanche Toss Grow Tree Grab Grow +{s:value} Damage Tree Grab +{s:value} Avalanche Damage Tree Grab Grow -{s:value}s Tree Grab CD  
Boots of Speed Power Treads Blink Dagger Ogre Axe Oblivion Staff Quarterstaff Echo Sabre Shadow Amulet Claymore Shadow Blade Broadsword Crystalys Demon Edge Daedalus  

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