Ticket: Kuala Lumpur Major Kuala Lumpur Major 10296

Kuala Lumpur Major / 4217431858 / Patch 7.19

Starting 13 November 2018 06:55:59 lasting 39:03

	Vici Gaming (VG) Vici Gaming Elo32 shift: 10.045
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Enigma Fade 21 2 1 23 496 507 3454 11653 7164 1931 17485 Demonic Conversion Malefice Demonic Conversion Malefice Malefice Black Hole Malefice Midnight Pulse Midnight Pulse Demonic Conversion Demonic Conversion Black Hole +25 Movement Speed Midnight Pulse +150 Gold/Min Midnight Pulse Black Hole +500 Health  
Energy Booster Arcane Boots Chainmail Buckler Headdress Mekansm Urn of Shadows Ring of Health Cloak Hood of Defiance Headdress Pipe of Insight Blink Dagger Gem of True Sight Guardian Greaves Shadow Amulet Shadow Blade Claymore  
Brewmaster Dy 20 1 8 19 289 439 1702 8335 2463 938 10270 Drunken Brawler Thunder Clap Thunder Clap Drunken Haze Thunder Clap Primal Split Thunder Clap Drunken Haze Drunken Brawler +200 Health Drunken Brawler Primal Split Drunken Haze Drunken Haze +3s Thunder Clap Slow Drunken Brawler Primal Split +100 Attack Speed  
Stout Shield Magic Stick Boots of Speed Tome of Knowledge Quelling Blade Magic Wand Infused Raindrops Wind Lace Ring of Regen Tranquil Boots Ring of Regen Headdress Sage's Mask Ring of Basilius Ring of Protection Morbid Mask Vladmir's Offering Blink Dagger  
Batrider Yang 21 5 1 22 415 502 113 14209 600 3344 14710 Sticky Napalm Firefly Sticky Napalm Firefly Sticky Napalm Flamebreak Firefly Flaming Lasso Sticky Napalm Firefly Flamebreak Flaming Lasso +5 Armor Flamebreak +300 Health Flamebreak Flaming Lasso 15% Cooldown Reduction  
Bottle Boots of Speed Sage's Mask Bracer Drum of Endurance Tranquil Boots Blink Dagger Staff of Wizardry Force Staff Vitality Booster Ring of Health Chainmail Buckler Vanguard Crimson Guard Energy Booster Void Stone Aether Lens  
Monkey King Ori 21 9 4 10 516 504 4257 29473 0 1536 19455 Jingu Mastery Boundless Strike Jingu Mastery Boundless Strike Boundless Strike Tree Dance Boundless Strike Tree Dance Wukong's Command +20 Attack Speed Tree Dance Wukong's Command Tree Dance Jingu Mastery +600 Tree Dance Cast Range Jingu Mastery Wukong's Command +400 Primal Spring Damage  
Wraith Band Magic Wand Boots of Speed Gloves of Haste Belt of Strength Power Treads Javelin Maelstrom Mithril Hammer Ogre Axe Mithril Hammer Black King Bar Ultimate Orb Ultimate Orb Eye of Skadi Point Booster Eaglesong  
Morphling Paparazi 25 20 2 7 711 693 8289 48314 0 2957 25810 Attribute Shift (Agility Gain) Unknown Ability #5053 Attribute Shift (Agility Gain) Waveform Attribute Shift (Agility Gain) Morph Attribute Shift (Agility Gain) Unknown Ability #5053 Unknown Ability #5053 +350 Waveform Range Unknown Ability #5053 Morph Waveform Waveform +15s Morph Duration Waveform Morph Replicate Waveform Attacks Targets 2 Waveform Charges  
Ring of Aquila Morbid Mask Power Treads Perseverance Linken's Sphere Ultimate Orb Ghost Scepter Eaglesong Ethereal Blade Blade of Alacrity Yasha Ultimate Orb Manta Style Quarterstaff Eaglesong Talisman of Evasion Butterfly  
paiN  X (paiN X) paiN X Elo32 shift: -10.045
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Storm Spirit CCnC 22 5 3 7 467 533 259 25505 0 2800 15685 Static Remnant Overload Overload Static Remnant Overload Ball Lightning Overload Static Remnant Electric Vortex +1.75 Mana Regen Static Remnant Ball Lightning Electric Vortex Electric Vortex +80 Static Remnant Damage Electric Vortex Ball Lightning +0.5s Electric Vortex  
Null Talisman Boots of Speed Bottle Gloves of Haste Power Treads Staff of Wizardry Kaya Void Stone Ring of Health Perseverance Point Booster Vitality Booster Soul Booster Bloodstone Energy Booster Mystic Staff Shiva's Guard Platemail  
Terrorblade ritsu 22 6 5 6 566 520 2226 24517 3 518 19100 Metamorphosis Reflection Metamorphosis Conjure Image Metamorphosis Conjure Image Conjure Image Conjure Image Metamorphosis +20 Movement Speed Sunder Sunder Reflection Reflection +250 Health Reflection Sunder -10s Reflection Cooldown  
Boots of Speed Gloves of Haste Power Treads Wraith Band Ring of Basilius Ring of Aquila Blade of Alacrity Yasha Ogre Axe Dragon Lance Ultimate Orb Manta Style Ultimate Orb Ultimate Orb Point Booster Eye of Skadi Blink Dagger  
Phoenix FLeee 16 0 11 9 249 300 0 16054 1768 923 7470 Fire Spirits Icarus Dive Fire Spirits Sun Ray Fire Spirits Supernova Launch Fire Spirit Sun Ray Sun Ray +90 Gold/Min Sun Ray Supernova Icarus Dive Icarus Dive +60 Fire Spirits DPS Icarus Dive  
Boots of Speed Magic Stick Wind Lace Infused Raindrops Ring of Regen Tranquil Boots Circlet Ring of Protection Urn of Shadows Wind Lace Infused Raindrops Infused Raindrops Spirit Vessel Vitality Booster Infused Raindrops Gem of True Sight  
Dazzle LESLÃO 15 5 9 9 240 286 0 12462 5747 91 9080 Poison Touch Shadow Wave Poison Touch Shadow Wave Poison Touch Weave Shallow Grave Shallow Grave Shallow Grave +200 Health Shallow Grave Weave Shadow Wave Shadow Wave +125 Cast Range  
Boots of Speed Wind Lace Blight Stone Sage's Mask Chainmail Medallion of Courage Ring of Regen Tranquil Boots Magic Stick Magic Wand Wind Lace Cloak  
Underlord 4dr 16 0 9 6 298 321 0 9145 0 3 10630 Atrophy Aura Firestorm Firestorm Pit of Malice Firestorm Dark Rift Firestorm Atrophy Aura Pit of Malice +18 Firestorm Wave Damage Pit of Malice Pit of Malice Dark Rift Atrophy Aura +100 Cast Range Atrophy Aura  
Boots of Speed Ring of Regen Headdress Magic Wand Gloves of Haste Ring of Health Helm of the Dominator Ring of Health Staff of Wizardry Ring of Regen Force Staff Ring of Health Cloak Hood of Defiance Ring of Regen Ring of Regen Headdress Pipe of Insight