Ticket: Corsair DreamLeague Season 9 Corsair DreamLeague Season 9 9683

Corsair DreamLeague Season 9 / 3735453513 / Patch 7.08

Starting 15 February 2018 14:30:01 lasting 37:02

OG (OG) OG Elo32 shift: 4.678
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Gyrocopter Resolut1on 24 14 4 18 661 717 6661 25897 0 480 24785 Homing Missile Rocket Barrage Rocket Barrage Homing Missile Rocket Barrage Call Down Rocket Barrage Flak Cannon Flak Cannon +{s:value} Damage Flak Cannon Call Down Flak Cannon Homing Missile +{s:value} Flak Cannon Attacks Homing Missile Call Down +{s:value} Movement Speed  
Power Treads Drum of Endurance Staff of Wizardry Force Staff Ogre Axe Sange Blade of Alacrity Ogre Axe Yasha Sange and Yasha Dragon Lance Hurricane Pike Perseverance Linken's Sphere Ultimate Orb Eaglesong Butterfly Talisman of Evasion  
Batrider s4 21 16 4 14 457 543 414 13865 19 3224 14845 Sticky Napalm Firefly Sticky Napalm Sticky Napalm Flamebreak Flaming Lasso Sticky Napalm Firefly Firefly +{s:value} Armor Firefly Flaming Lasso Flamebreak Flamebreak +{s:value} Health Flamebreak Flaming Lasso {s:value}% Cooldown Reduction  
Wind Lace Boots of Speed Bottle Bracer Drum of Endurance Magic Stick Magic Wand Wind Lace Blink Dagger Boots of Travel Staff of Wizardry Ring of Health Force Staff Gem of True Sight Staff of Wizardry Void Stone Wind Lace Eul's Scepter of Divinity  
Elder Titan JerAx 22 6 3 27 415 578 1017 19522 0 3267 12420 Astral Spirit Echo Stomp Echo Stomp Astral Spirit Echo Stomp Earth Splitter Echo Stomp Natural Order Natural Order +{s:value} Health Natural Order Natural Order Astral Spirit Astral Spirit +{s:value}% Magic Resistance Earth Splitter Earth Splitter +{s:value} Attack Speed  
Boots of Speed Magic Stick Wind Lace Ring of Regen Tranquil Boots Magic Wand Wind Lace Bracer Sage's Mask Drum of Endurance Ogre Axe Belt of Strength Sange Heaven's Halberd Talisman of Evasion Ogre Axe Mithril Hammer Black King Bar  
Rubick Fly 24 7 4 32 467 669 513 15546 0 426 17390 Telekinesis Fade Bolt Fade Bolt Null Field Fade Bolt Spell Steal Fade Bolt Telekinesis Telekinesis +{s:value} Health Telekinesis Spell Steal Null Field Null Field +{s:value} Cast Range Null Field Spell Steal +{s:value} Telekinesis Land Distance  
Boots of Speed Magic Wand Wind Lace Arcane Boots Energy Booster Blink Dagger Staff of Wizardry Ring of Health Force Staff Ring of Health Perseverance Void Stone Lotus Orb Platemail Boots of Travel Staff of Wizardry Void Stone Eul's Scepter of Divinity  
Outworld Devourer n0tail 24 13 4 20 504 719 1385 28602 0 3634 16115 Astral Imprisonment Essence Aura Arcane Orb Arcane Orb Essence Aura Sanity's Eclipse Arcane Orb Essence Aura Arcane Orb Essence Aura Astral Imprisonment Astral Imprisonment Astral Imprisonment +{s:value} Attack Speed +{s:value} Movement Speed Sanity's Eclipse Sanity's Eclipse +{s:value} Strength  
Magic Wand Null Talisman Boots of Speed Wraith Band Sage's Mask Ring of Basilius Ring of Protection Gloves of Haste Belt of Strength Power Treads Blink Dagger Platemail Mystic Staff Shiva's Guard Ogre Axe Mithril Hammer Black King Bar  
GangSquad GangSquad Elo32 shift: -4.678
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Beastmaster Buugi 22 6 12 6 388 571 1528 16547 0 41 12030 Wild Axes Inner Beast Wild Axes Unknown Ability #5169 Wild Axes Primal Roar Wild Axes Unknown Ability #5169 Unknown Ability #5169 Unknown Ability #5169 +{s:value}% XP Gain Primal Roar Inner Beast +{s:value} Armor Inner Beast Inner Beast Primal Roar +{s:value} Wild Axes Damage  
Boots of Speed Magic Stick Magic Wand Ring of Regen Soul Ring Wind Lace Ring of Regen Tranquil Boots Shadow Amulet Claymore Shadow Blade Sage's Mask Sage's Mask Belt of Strength Necronomicon 1 Necronomicon 2 Necronomicon 3 Ogre Axe  
Tusk dnz 16 5 16 9 316 321 0 10318 0 1169 9355 Ice Shards Snowball Ice Shards Frozen Sigil Ice Shards Walrus PUNCH! Ice Shards Snowball Snowball +{s:value} Gold/Min Snowball Walrus PUNCH! Frozen Sigil Frozen Sigil +{s:value} Snowball Damage Frozen Sigil  
Orb of Venom Boots of Speed Magic Stick Infused Raindrops Magic Wand Arcane Boots Energy Booster Wind Lace Infused Raindrops Blink Dagger Gem of True Sight  
Ancient Apparition rmN- 18 2 10 10 280 385 29 9516 0 2329 7700 Chilling Touch Cold Feet Ice Vortex Chilling Touch Ice Vortex Ice Blast Ice Vortex Ice Vortex +{s:value} Gold/Min Cold Feet Cold Feet Ice Blast Cold Feet Chilling Touch -{s:value}s Ice Vortex Cooldown Chilling Touch Ice Blast  
Boots of Speed Magic Stick Infused Raindrops Circlet Ring of Protection Urn of Shadows Magic Wand Wind Lace Ring of Regen Tranquil Boots Staff of Wizardry Ogre Axe Ring of Regen Meteor Hammer Sage's Mask  
Chaos Knight Skiter 19 3 10 9 378 452 698 9437 0 1828 11190 Chaos Bolt Reality Rift Reality Rift Chaos Bolt Reality Rift Phantasm Reality Rift Chaos Strike Chaos Bolt +{s:value} All Stats Chaos Bolt Phantasm Chaos Strike Chaos Strike +{s:value} Strength Chaos Strike Phantasm  
Boots of Speed Magic Stick Gloves of Haste Power Treads Belt of Strength Magic Wand Circlet Bracer Sage's Mask Wind Lace Drum of Endurance Blades of Attack Helm of Iron Will Gloves of Haste Armlet of Mordiggian Ogre Axe Mithril Hammer Black King Bar  
Queen of Pain w33 18 2 9 4 368 381 331 14414 0 56 12365 Shadow Strike Blink Shadow Strike Scream Of Pain Scream Of Pain Sonic Wave Scream Of Pain Scream Of Pain Blink Blink Blink Sonic Wave +{s:value} Damage Shadow Strike +{s:value} Attack Speed Shadow Strike Sonic Wave  
Null Talisman Null Talisman Bottle Boots of Speed Power Treads Helm of Iron Will Veil of Discord Quarterstaff Oblivion Staff Quarterstaff Oblivion Staff Orchid Malevolence Ogre Axe Mithril Hammer  

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