Ticket: The International 2017 The International 2017 5401

The International 2017 / 3278176063 / Patch 7.06

Starting 27 June 2017 11:22:57 lasting 35:40

Team Freedom Team Freedom Elo32 shift: 12.848
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Nyx Assassin FLeee 18 3 6 21 291 406 99 10722 0 1272 9575 Impale Mana Burn Impale Spiked Carapace Impale Vendetta Impale Spiked Carapace Mana Burn Mana Burn Mana Burn Vendetta +175 Health Spiked Carapace +175 Impale Damage Spiked Carapace Vendetta  
Boots of Speed Wind Lace Flying Courier Infused Raindrops Arcane Boots Energy Booster Tome of Knowledge Observer and Sentry Wards Hand of Midas Gloves of Haste Blink Dagger Sage's Mask Circlet Gauntlets of Strength Bracer Drum of Endurance  
Enigma Sneyking 22 4 4 13 490 596 2165 12764 0 1605 16550 Demonic Conversion Midnight Pulse Demonic Conversion Malefice Demonic Conversion Black Hole Demonic Conversion Malefice Malefice +20 Movement Speed Malefice Black Hole Midnight Pulse Midnight Pulse 15% Cooldown Reduction Midnight Pulse Black Hole +4 Malefice Instance  
Boots of Speed Arcane Boots Energy Booster Infused Raindrops Hand of Midas Gloves of Haste Void Stone Ring of Health Perseverance Blink Dagger Ogre Axe Linken's Sphere Ultimate Orb Ogre Axe Mithril Hammer  
Queen of Pain CCnC 25 16 1 11 639 777 3971 27316 0 5069 19025 Shadow Strike Blink Scream Of Pain Scream Of Pain Scream Of Pain Sonic Wave Scream Of Pain Blink Blink +10 Strength Blink Sonic Wave Shadow Strike Shadow Strike 12% Cooldown Reduction Shadow Strike Sonic Wave +300 Health 70% Spell Lifesteal  
Null Talisman Null Talisman Bottle Power Treads Quarterstaff Oblivion Staff Quarterstaff Oblivion Staff Orchid Malevolence Ultimate Orb Ring of Health Perseverance Void Stone Linken's Sphere Chainmail Platemail Assault Cuirass Hyperstone  
Sven YawaR 24 8 0 12 549 689 2802 12187 0 4614 15805 Storm Hammer Warcry Storm Hammer Great Cleave Great Cleave God's Strength Great Cleave Great Cleave Warcry +6 Strength Warcry God's Strength Warcry Storm Hammer +8 All Stats Storm Hammer God's Strength 20% Evasion  
Boots of Speed Gloves of Haste Power Treads Belt of Strength Morbid Mask Quarterstaff Mask of Madness Blink Dagger Ogre Axe Mithril Hammer Black King Bar Ultimate Orb Ring of Health Perseverance Void Stone Linken's Sphere  
Ancient Apparition STAN KING 18 7 3 19 311 413 187 9709 0 3008 8525 Cold Feet Chilling Touch Cold Feet Ice Vortex Cold Feet Ice Blast Cold Feet Ice Vortex Ice Vortex +60 Gold/Min Ice Vortex Ice Blast Chilling Touch Chilling Touch +30 Health Regen Chilling Touch Ice Blast  
Boots of Speed Infused Raindrops Magic Wand Magic Stick Urn of Shadows Arcane Boots Energy Booster Staff of Wizardry Force Staff Ring of Health  
Guess Guess Elo32 shift: -12.848
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Legion Commander ixmike88 16 2 7 4 285 352 131 6619 0 841 9325 Overwhelming Odds Press The Attack Moment of Courage Overwhelming Odds Overwhelming Odds Duel Overwhelming Odds Press The Attack Press The Attack +20% XP Gain Press The Attack Duel Moment of Courage Moment of Courage +30 Damage Moment of Courage  
Healing Salve Stout Shield Tango Magic Stick Quelling Blade Boots of Speed Blades of Attack Phase Boots Blades of Attack Smoke of Deceit Blink Dagger Chainmail Broadsword Blade Mail Robe of the Magi Belt of Strength Ogre Axe Sange  
Lifestealer wwd 22 7 3 2 459 611 645 9163 317 870 15825 Feast Feast Rage Open Wounds Infest Rage Rage Rage Open Wounds +5 All Stats Open Wounds Infest Feast Feast +25 Damage Open Wounds Infest 15% Evasion  
Boots of Speed Phase Boots Magic Wand Gloves of Haste Helm of Iron Will Armlet of Mordiggian Mithril Hammer Mithril Hammer Desolator Blade of Alacrity Blade of Alacrity Robe of the Magi Diffusal Blade Belt of Strength Javelin Skull Basher Platemail  
Lich TimadoisGarbage 14 0 11 5 162 257 0 6207 0 290 5470 Sacrifice Frost Blast Frost Blast Sacrifice Ice Armor Chain Frost Ice Armor Frost Blast Ice Armor Ice Armor +25 Movement Speed Chain Frost Sacrifice Frost Blast  
Boots of Speed Wind Lace Tranquil Boots Ring of Regen Wind Lace  
Sand King Wu 16 0 11 10 230 332 47 9102 0 235 7525 Burrowstrike Caustic Finale Burrowstrike Sand Storm Burrowstrike Epicenter Burrowstrike Sand Storm Sand Storm +10% Magic Resistance Sand Storm Epicenter Caustic Finale Caustic Finale +50 Sand Storm DPS Caustic Finale  
Boots of Speed Wind Lace Ring of Regen Tranquil Boots Blink Dagger Observer and Sentry Wards Tome of Knowledge Magic Stick Staff of Wizardry Circlet Magic Wand Ring of Health Force Staff  
Lina bryle 22 5 9 1 523 595 2565 10853 1237 1114 16410 Dragon Slave Fiery Soul Dragon Slave Light Strike Array Dragon Slave Laguna Blade Dragon Slave Fiery Soul Fiery Soul +125 Cast Range Fiery Soul Laguna Blade Light Strike Array Light Strike Array +50 Damage Light Strike Array Laguna Blade +150 Attack Range  
Null Talisman Bottle Boots of Speed Magic Wand Blades of Attack Blades of Attack Phase Boots Soul Ring Point Booster Vitality Booster Soul Booster Energy Booster Bloodstone Blink Dagger Staff of Wizardry Void Stone Eul's Scepter of Divinity Ultimate Orb  

Audio Commentary

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