Ticket: WCA Tournament Platform Classic WCA Tournament Platform Classic 5418

WCA Tournament Platform Classic / 3234626573 / Patch 7.06

Starting 09 June 2017 11:03:28 lasting 53:14

Newbee.Young (Newbee.Y) Newbee.Young Elo32 shift: -15.013
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Ursa JiaJia 25 12 7 11 599 660 1385 29019 1557 1268 29570 Fury Swipes Earthshock Fury Swipes Earthshock Overpower Enrage Fury Swipes Fury Swipes Overpower +25 Damage Overpower Enrage Overpower Earthshock +5 Armor Earthshock Enrage +250 Health +14 All Stats  
Phase Boots Vladmir's Offering Blink Dagger Mithril Hammer Black King Bar Diffusal Blade Demon Edge Javelin Javelin Monkey King Bar Vitality Booster Javelin Skull Basher Vanguard Abyssal Blade Diffusal Blade 2 Boots of Travel  
Shadow Fiend Maomao 25 12 7 17 597 657 2498 35741 0 1425 27515 Necromastery Shadowraze Shadowraze Necromastery Shadowraze Necromastery Shadowraze Necromastery Requiem of Souls +20 Attack Speed Presence of the Dark Lord Requiem of Souls Presence of the Dark Lord Presence of the Dark Lord +175 Health Presence of the Dark Lord Requiem of Souls +3 Damage Per Soul +150 Attack Range  
Power Treads Dragon Lance Mithril Hammer Black King Bar Force Staff Hurricane Pike Ultimate Orb Ultimate Orb Point Booster Eye of Skadi Mithril Hammer Maelstrom Hyperstone Mjollnir Javelin Javelin  
Crystal Maiden 折纸折纸 21 3 9 23 261 363 19 13643 0 600 12470 Frostbite Arcane Aura Crystal Nova Arcane Aura Frostbite Freezing Field Arcane Aura Frostbite Arcane Aura Frostbite +15% Magic Resistance Crystal Nova Crystal Nova Crystal Nova +125 Cast Range Freezing Field Freezing Field +120 Gold/Min  
Flying Courier Magic Stick Boots of Speed Boots of Speed Wind Lace Ring of Regen Tranquil Boots Infused Raindrops Circlet Magic Wand Tome of Knowledge Circlet Bracer Cloak Cloak Shadow Amulet Glimmer Cape Gem of True Sight  
Chen XiaoXiaoSala 21 4 8 20 272 349 275 8714 5710 1982 10290 Holy Persuasion Penitence Holy Persuasion Unknown Ability #5522 Holy Persuasion Hand of God Holy Persuasion Unknown Ability #5522 Unknown Ability #5522 +125 Cast Range Unknown Ability #5522 Hand of God Penitence Penitence +250 Health Penitence Hand of God +1000 Holy Persuasion Minimum Health  
Boots of Speed Arcane Boots Energy Booster Ring of Regen Headdress Chainmail Buckler Mekansm Ring of Health Cloak Hood of Defiance Ring of Regen Ring of Regen Headdress Pipe of Insight Gem of True Sight  
Faceless Void kaidou 23 9 7 23 356 430 743 20245 0 843 16015 Time Walk Time Lock Time Lock Time Walk Time Lock Chronosphere Time Dilation Time Walk Time Walk +8 Strength Time Lock Chronosphere Time Dilation Time Dilation +7 Armor Time Dilation Chronosphere +120 Gold/Min  
Boots of Speed Power Treads Gloves of Haste Gloves of Haste Headdress Helm of the Dominator Ring of Health Blade of Alacrity Blade of Alacrity Diffusal Blade Ogre Axe Mithril Hammer Black King Bar Shadow Amulet Diffusal Blade 2 Claymore Shadow Blade  
team_ftd_a team_ftd_a Elo32 shift: 15.013
Hero Player Level Kills Deaths Assists GPM XPM TD HD HH EGG GS Skills & Significant Items
Clockwerk SuN 17 5 13 13 292 262 309 24778 0 711 14135 Power Cogs Battery Assault Battery Assault Rocket Flare Battery Assault Hookshot Rocket Flare Battery Assault Rocket Flare +4 Armor Rocket Flare Hookshot Power Cogs Power Cogs +125 Rocket Flare Damage Power Cogs  
Boots of Speed Phase Boots Staff of Wizardry Ring of Health Magic Wand Force Staff Ogre Axe Belt of Strength Sange Heaven's Halberd Talisman of Evasion Point Booster Ogre Axe Staff of Wizardry Ogre Axe Aghanim's Scepter Blade of Alacrity  
Naga Siren XinQ 25 5 1 12 718 512 6231 40886 0 5707 34270 Rip Tide Mirror Image Mirror Image Rip Tide Rip Tide Mirror Image Mirror Image Rip Tide Song of the Siren +250 Mana Ensnare Song of the Siren Ensnare Ensnare -5s Ensnare Cooldown Ensnare Song of the Siren +20 Strength +40 Movement Speed  
Sacred Relic Radiance Boots of Travel Yasha Manta Style Ultimate Orb Vitality Booster Soul Booster Point Booster Octarine Core Mystic Staff Diffusal Blade Eaglesong Butterfly Talisman of Evasion Hyperstone Moon Shard Hyperstone  
Nyx Assassin huuhk 22 4 14 23 241 392 0 12971 0 1511 10035 Impale Spiked Carapace Impale Mana Burn Impale Vendetta Impale Spiked Carapace Spiked Carapace Spiked Carapace +175 Health Vendetta Mana Burn Mana Burn Mana Burn +12% Magic Resistance Vendetta +120 Gold/Min  
Orb of Venom Tango Boots of Speed Flying Courier Wind Lace Magic Stick Arcane Boots Energy Booster Circlet Magic Wand Blink Dagger Staff of Wizardry Void Stone Eul's Scepter of Divinity Tome of Knowledge Staff of Wizardry Tome of Knowledge  
Witch Doctor prettyhaw 24 8 8 21 321 494 0 14516 3583 3657 13390 Paralyzing Cask Maledict Maledict Paralyzing Cask Paralyzing Cask Death Ward Paralyzing Cask Voodoo Restoration Voodoo Restoration +200 Health Voodoo Restoration Voodoo Restoration Death Ward Maledict +2 Cask Bounces Maledict Death Ward +8 Armor  
Boots of Speed Magic Stick Magic Wand Wind Lace Infused Raindrops Arcane Boots Energy Booster Chainmail Sage's Mask Medallion of Courage Blight Stone Solar Crest Talisman of Evasion Ghost Scepter Staff of Wizardry Ring of Health Force Staff Point Booster  
Lina 897 25 15 5 13 682 647 9394 54200 7337 3805 30515 Light Strike Array Fiery Soul Dragon Slave Dragon Slave Dragon Slave Laguna Blade Dragon Slave Light Strike Array Light Strike Array +140 Light Strike Array Damage Light Strike Array Laguna Blade Fiery Soul Fiery Soul +50 Damage Fiery Soul Laguna Blade +150 Attack Range +25/2% Fiery Soul Per Stack  
Phase Boots Shadow Amulet Shadow Blade Claymore Soul Booster Bloodstone Platemail Mystic Staff Shiva's Guard Force Staff Dragon Lance Hurricane Pike Demon Edge Crystalys Daedalus Boots of Travel Boots of Travel  

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