Red Bull LAN - San Francisco


Think you have what it takes to play with the pros? On May 9 (the day before the Red Bull Battle Grounds Grand Final), you could be one of 100 Dota 2 players to Solo Queue with re-shuffled squads until only one player remains undefeated. Team up with (and against!) pros, personalities, and total strangers on your quest for greatness. The Red Bull LAN will also include a meet and greet of the Dota 2 pros from Red Bull Battle Grounds.

Summary Data

Number: 33
Radiant Wins: 18 (54.55%)
Dire Wins: 15 (45.45%)
Average Duration: 31:07
Number (unique): 12
Unique Matchups: 13
First Game: 09 May 15
Last Game: 10 May 15
Total Length: ~8h
Games Per-Patch
6.84: 33
# Picked:
# P/B:
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